July 5, 2022

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Carlos Vela closes the doors of the El Tri and thinks about retiring

Mexico City /

Despite the hundreds of fans who want to see Carlos Candle Was wearing a shirt called Mexico team, The striker made a decision and reiterated his desire not to return because nothing seems to change him. திரி Instead, he wants to focus on the selected new generation of players.

“Yeah (I close the door to Tri), I think It’s time for young people like Chuckie (Lozano), Decate (Jesus Corona), de Lines.“, He revealed Candle To the ESPN chain in the Now or Never project.

That alone will not be the end result குண்டுதாரி, Because he revealed it on the same show Is seriously considering retiring from football And it will all depend on the injuries that allow him to continue for a few more years.

“If injuries respect me physically, I can better understand in this league (MLS). I always say, two or three more years to be in good shape, to be able to continue to compete against the best.. After that it’s time to look at how I’m mentally, when I’m not enjoying myself or wanting to be myself anymore, it’s time to retire directly, “he promised.

The talent of the Mexican player was beyond doubt, which is why clubs in Europe have been interested in signing him in recent times, but no agreement has been reached and he has been able to renew instead. Los Angeles FC.


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