September 28, 2022

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Carlos Pipe wins over Copa America against Colombia with Voltairema and Ecuador: Edwin praises Cardona | United States Cup 2021

Carlos L’Beepe Volderrama was pleased with the Colombian national team ‘s 1-0 victory over Ecuador at the launch of the Coffee America Brazil Coffee Growers in 2021.

Criticisms from Reynolds Ruda and the players went away with a 2-2 draw with Argentina in the qualifying round. Now, ‘Pipe’ was happy, Colombia was happy for the win. Thus, he revealed himself on his official YouTube site.

‘Bebe’ first praised Edwin Cardona for wearing the legendary ’10 ‘used by Walterrama in five editions of Copa America. The goal of the Boca Juniors player was to take Samaria to its roots.

“Cardona scored a side goal, and one of those goals was made on the street. It reminded me of a fishing neighbor. Those goals: one wall, two walls, three walls… and security sleeping… What a great goal!”, Said ‘Pipe’.

He also highlighted the tunnel that Cardona pulled, “you can not even see anymore”. “They are the joys of football. I’m going to see how many mines they’re going to throw in this Copa America, I don’t think there will be many. “

Colombia’s 1-0 “enough” to start the Copa America. Volderrama advised the players: “Go step by step, the goal is there. They won the first game, which is important. Guys, Pa ‘Lande, you know how it is … my damn let’s go to Colombia! “.

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