September 25, 2022

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Carlos ‘Leon’ Zambrano case, outlaw fighter: What happened to Dario Benedetto and the Peruvian central defender? | Boca Juniors | Argentina Super League | Peru Team | RMMD EMCC | Game-Total

End of the first half at Cilindro de Avellaneda. A sensible 0-0. A complex that boils over. A game of burning. Referee Fernando Rapalini’s whistle sounded like the first round bell between the players. Boca Juniors. The sleeve that connected the field and the ‘Xeneize’ locker room, then, not only received a shower of insults from the ‘Imperial Guards’, but punches, kicks, pineapples and papayas also began to fall. Visual statement? Carlos Zambrano In the second half of the match he came out with a ‘Rocky Balboa’ version of his face Darius Benedetto He couldn’t hide his bruised lip, scratched neck, bruised ear and red nose. ESPN reporter from crime scene.

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And social networks exploded. The second half doesn’t matter anymore. Neither the failed attempts of Fernando Caco’s team nor the faltering of ‘Black’ Ibarra’s eleven. This Boca Juniors 3-0 defeat against Patronado (1-0) was enough success for Agropecuario, offering more non-sporting news than joy on the field. He woke up on Monday, August fortnight, in 11th place in the Argentine Super League with 19 points (9 less than leaders Atlético Tucuman).

“There was an argument. I know there was an argument, nothing more. Then, I can talk to you about the match,” responded Hugo Ibarra, the coach of Boca Juniors, when the Argentine press found him in the mixed zone of the Racing Club cylinder. About the Zambrano hit? “Nothing to me.” Don’t know, played ninety minutes, maybe something happened to him in the game,” ‘Black’ tried to explain with obvious discomfort.

‘Postero’ ring

Meanwhile, journalists at the ‘Academia’ stadium tried to confirm what ESPN field reporter Morena Beltran told reporter Sebastian ‘Pollo’ Vignolo during the broadcast. “They told me there was a crossover (fight) when Benedetto went up the sleeve,” said the journalist, while images of ‘Biba”s initial claim were shown to his teammates at the end of the first half. “If we’re watching them throw the centers, they’re going to score us a goal”. the attacker said furiously, according to Argentina’s Ole. The protest sparked a protest against Zambrano on the way to the locker room.

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“On the way to the locker room after the racing-boca catch, they confirmed to me from security that there were indeed loops between Benedetto and Zambrano. Their own teammates had to separate them and the police had to intervene. Another busy week ahead,” journalist Pablo Carrossa announced on Twitter, at Casa Amarilla. He expected that the main issue would be who would suffer the most in the blue and yellow campus.

Carlos Zambrano and his battered face. (Photo: AFP) / Alexander Bagni

Carrosa explained the possible cause of the fight in a tweet. “Ibarra is like the guy selling snow jeans on Avellaneda Avenue. With all due respect to what he has achieved as a footballer, he can’t even run Boca’s senior football. He doesn’t play anything. Do not pass a meter. “Racing deservedly went into the break 6-0 up,” he commented.

Boca Juniors’ prudence on the field, the hasty replacement of Sebastian Battaglia by Hugo Ibarra after the Copa Libertadores defeat, Edinson Cavani’s refusal to wear the ‘Xeneize’ shirt and the team’s ongoing controversies (outside the stadiums) when he publicly criticized Agustin Almendra upon his arrival at the start of the year, for example) directed by Juan Roman Riquelme They hive shown that the club lives from the offices of the board of directors.

‘Lion’ did not bargain

Carlos Zambrano didn’t take long to speak on his social networks after Boca Juniors’ bitter 0-0 draw against Racing. “Complicated game, but the team’s ‘delivery’ is non-negotiable,” the Peruvian defender tweeted. This is the only announcement from one of the people involved. Dario Benedetto gave no statement after matchday 13 of the Argentine Super League.

‘Leon’ had already experienced two controversial episodes since joining Boca Juniors. First, he almost went to blows against Christian Pavon. What happened? The Argentine right-back stormed off the pitch in an official match and threw a water bottle at the ‘Xeneize’ substitutes bench. The liquid splashed on Zambrano, who protested angrily. Only the intervention of his teammates prevented the Peruvian and Argentine from brawling.

On the second occasion, Zambrano couldn’t resist when Union de Santa Fe player Franco Troyanski dedicated his team’s winning goal to Boca Juniors’ official sponsor ‘La 12’. At the end of the match, the central defender attacked his rival, forcing both teams to face each other in front of the television cameras.

Zambrano’s third episode was experienced last Sunday night against ‘Piba’, who demanded more commitment from his teammates against Racing. Diario came forward to moderate criticism of the ‘Leon’ striker, who received 4 rating points from Ole. Curiosity is worth it, Benedetto has the word “loyalty” tattooed on his head, which is removed by the ‘lion’ using him as a punching bag.