September 29, 2022

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Carlos ‘L Gullit’ pen becomes the star signature of the Antigua GFC

The 31-year-old Mexican midfielder and latest champion in El Salvador is set to become the star reinforcement for Antigua GFC’s next match.

Guatemala – Mexican midfielder recently crowned champion with CD FAS in El Salvador Carlos ‘El Gullit’ pen His first experience of live football Chapin, Antigua in Guatemala’s national league’s new orbit jiehpci.

Antigua GFC officially announces the arrival of its new world class player Carlos ‘El Gullit’ pen”, The Antigo club said on its social networks, adding that they would be looking for a fifth green belly star.

At the age of 31, ‘El Gullit’ pen He comes to the Colonial team, where he will be led by his teammate Roberto Montoya, who painstakingly saved that genre to avoid being eliminated from the first division of the 2021 Glasura competition.

The pen comes from El Salvador’s FAS, where he played in 21 games and scored four goals in a total of 1,513 minutes. He previously played for clubs: Lyon, Chivas de Guadalajara, Cruz asul, nekaksa, Scottish Rangers FC.

He also recorded 18 games with the Mexican national team between friendly games, qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the 2013 Gold Cup, the US Cup and the World Cup in Brazil.

At this time, ‘El Gullit’ pen Joins in the reinforcements: Frank de Leon, Kevin Aguilar, Herberto Olvera (Mexico), Puntarenas Peace (Paraguay), Diego Navas, Santos Chrysanto, Romero da Silva (Brazil), Caesar Archila, Bravio Lignoras, and others.

In the center of the field will be one of the heroes of the pen Old GFC With the intention of leading the colonial team back to the title. The Antigua GFC records a total of four crowns: Aberdura 2015, Aberdura 2016, Aberdura 2017 and Glasura 2019, Glasura 2001 and Aberdura 2019.

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