September 29, 2022

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Carlos Davies Boca Juniors Retirement or M.L.S.

With a six-month contract pending, historical perspective Boca Juniors, Carlos Davies, He will bid farewell to the Chinese team due to mental wear and tear due to his relationship with the blue and gold board directors, thus ending his third phase with his love club.

The Argentine media are considering the end of the relationship between Boca Juniors and the 37-year-old player, who, after nearly 20 years of life, is considering retiring as a professional footballer.

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You see He asked for a virtual press conference with the board of directors of Posta Juniors, and rumors of him leaving the club have been rising in recent hours, leaving some possible scenes, including a professional retirement, a last adventure. The MLS of the United States, or the latter, confirms its continuity until the end of its contract, the latter being too low and incomprehensible.

Unofficially, there has been talk of a split in Davis’ contract, which could mean he could leave the club on June 30, so it is speculated that former Juventus and Manchester United will continue their careers with another club.

Despite his seniority, Daves is an undeniable starter with Miguel Angel Russo, in addition to running the Copa Libertadores in the 16th round, so he is unlikely to retire.

The Argentine press points out that Devas has already warned the Boca Juniors team that he is not one hundred percent emotional, so he proposed to leave the team in this transfer market, a situation that shook the Xeneize dressing room so his teammates ask him to go away and fight with them for the title he found. Will not.

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The press conference is scheduled for 6:00 pm local time; 4:00 pm from Mexico City.

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