June 25, 2022

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Caracas 1, Jr. 2: The results are good

Without resolving his doubts and uncertainties about football, but with a good ending in his pocket, Junior made his Copa Libertadores debut in 2021. Rojiplanco beat Caracas FC 2-1 at Central University Stadium last night with Venezuela Notes by Miguel Porza (69 minutes) and Willer Titta (90 + 1).

Rojiplancos fell to the scoreboard from the 36th minute with a stunning goal from African Samson Aquino.

Jr. agreed Control of the ball and the game From the first minutes, but, as usual, must pass his opponent without sufficient depth, dynamics, determination and intensity.

The most active in the first half was Freddie Hinestrosa. He played a good job on the left Miguel Borja could not spin. He missed the final lunch with his left ‘flag’. The ball went over the crossbar.

“Improved team behavior and intensity”: Amaranth

Turning to the left-wing ring, there were some clashes on the left that did not end successfully. The best came after an exotic kick that ended in its field. Hinestrosa finished with his left foot, but the goalkeeper Baker Velasquez answered correctly.

Jr. dominated with one participant ‘Carriaco’ Gonzalez, with the departure of his pages and the support of Fabian Angel, who did not carry good changes from the front. However, in the last quarter of the court the spark, ingenuity, pass, center, shot and right decision were made to reflect on the scoreboard the superiority that was beginning to be seen in the operation of the game.

John Fajoy made a small contribution Not clear about its Nexus functionality With climax and Miguel Borja.

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As he failed to penetrate the scoreboard, the defense of the junior, led by Sebastian Vieira, breathed a sigh of relief until Richard Celis discovered a leak in the viewer’s defense, executing Samson Aquino precisely in the area and in Africa, 1-0.

This goal diminished the benefit that Dibron had shownYes, they were erratic and confused and returned to their inactivity.

“The team showed good football and deserved to win”: Freddie Hinestrosa