December 7, 2022

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“Canelo” vs Sanders: Pepe Aguilar surprises Mexican Potpourri in fantastic fight

(Video: Twitter / TUDNMEX)

This is not only Angela Aguilar, but her father, Pepe Aguilar cleaned up this Saturday When an explanation Mexican Potpourri Before the fight Sal “Canelo” Alvarez Against Britain’s Billy Joe Sanders at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

With his daughter, the Mexican regional singer shocked not only those present but also the audience “Mexico, beautiful and dear”, “King” and “I am pure Mexican.”

So, just a party in the Mexican style, one of the Aguilar dynasty Folk ballet, firecrackers and even marijuana. This created a completely festive atmosphere on campus.

Before Pepe’s presentation, his daughter Angela was also surprised to sing the Mexican national anthem.

The Mexican regional singer shook not only the audience but all the audience with hits like “Mexico, Beautiful and Dear,” “El Ray” and “I Am Pure Mexican”. (Photo: Screenshot / DAZN Boxing)

The young artist, dressed in a traditional black dress and his shoulder-length hair, moved with a perfect performance, which led to loud ovulation from the audience.

Following his presentation, L.A.The singer shared her experience on social media That it was a moment full of emotions.

“Little angels, you do not know the feeling of singing the national anthem To the surface with veins Did you see us singing? ”He wrote.

A few days ago, there were already rumors about the participation of the Aguilar dynasty in the struggle of the most famous Mexican boxer.

Pepe Aguilar, Who is the father of Leonardo and Angela He opened a series of presentations with the boxer. Those due to friendship and intimacy Canello With Jose Antonio Aguilar. His first participation in a fight was in 2014.

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At the time, Saul Alvarez confronted Alfredo Dog Anglo. The militant profession was rising from Guadalajara, so Pepe Aguilar’s presentation surprised some onlookers. Victory for the war to Saul With one In the tenth round D.K.O.

Aguilera's last presentation at the Battle of Alvarez in November 2019 (Photo: Quartoscoro)
Aguilera’s last presentation at the Battle of Alvarez in November 2019 (Photo: Quartoscoro)

Two years later, the family of composer Aguilar received another call from a former middleweight champion. World Boxing Council (WBC). The first fighter from Guadalajara, Jalisco, was offered the opportunity Leonardo Aguilar, Third son of a Mexican musician, For what Explaining Mexican National Anthem In their next fight.

Ann 2017 When Tabatio was measured against Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. Aguilar returned to perform at the patriarchal ceremony of the family. On the Vegas stage Pepe Aguilar sang the national anthem again before the fight.

Although this is an exhibition fight – without any title- Canello Demonstrating his talent with gloves he won by consensus.

Before tonight, “Canelo” defeated his British opponent in the eighth round, which was Aguilera’s last performance in the Alvarez battle. November 2019, When he was challenged Sergei Kovalev In light heavyweight.

The youngest daughter of the Mariachi concert, who came out to do the choirs, Angela Aguilar. With Just 16 years old he went down in the ring and sang the music part without any errors. Through his Twitter account, he shared some moments of rehearsals for the big star night.

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