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Canelo Alvarez and Fernando Gomez: It costs money for a honeymoon celebrated by a famous boxer | Mexico | MX | Celebrities | nnda nnlt | Mexico

, Born July 18, 1990, is a Mexican professional boxer. He has won several world championships in four weight classes, from middleweight to light heavyweight, including integrated titles in three categories. Alvarez He is currently an integrated world super middleweight champion.

This great boxer has magazine headlines WBA (Super), WBC Y Ring First 2020, And title WBO Since May 2021. He is known for an excellent counter-attack, which can use openings in the opponent’s defense, avoiding throwing with head and body movements.

Canello He is also known as a strong body puncher. In May 2021, Alvarez is the best active boxer in the world, pound for pound, Boxreck; That ring; The American Boxing Writers Association; The D.P.R.P. Y ESPN. He is also ranked as the best active super middleweight in the world BoxRec, That ring, D.P.R.P., Y ESPN.

Shortly afterwards he formed a company, Canelo Ads, Installed on 2010 Your business partners are your coaches, the father-son team Sepo Y Eddie Rhinoso. From 2013, Canelo Ads A total of 40 boxers Mexico. Regarding his personal life, in May 2021, Alvarez He married his lifelong partner, Fernanda Gomez, At a ceremony Cathedral of Guadalajara Ann Guadalajara, Mexico,

How much did the honeymoon with Canolo Alvarez with his wife Fernanda Gomez in Croatia cost?

The newlyweds are on the other side of the continent, in Europe, very close to Italy. (Photo: Heraldo)

The marriage, after being recently celebrated, provided an opportunity for that Canello Y Fernando Going on a honeymoon to a place on the other side of the world. Right Adriatic Sea, Newlywed couples are enjoying their new life as a life partner. They share that they are still celebrating their best moment, which has given the media something to talk about.

Canello Y Fernanda They were able to celebrate their wedding in the most luxurious and luxurious way, in the same way they did it by celebrating the honeymoon trip on a large scale. Croatia, This beautiful country European union Without a doubt this is not an economic place, it is estimated that a round trip ticket to this place will be around 00 2500 In economics class.

Through social networks, Canelo shared some intimate details on how they celebrate their honeymoon.  (Photo: Instagram)
Through social networks, Canelo shared some intimate details on how they celebrate their honeymoon. (Photo: Instagram)

According to different airlines, prices will vary, as well as depending on the class you decide to travel to. This journey is around 18 hour flight They are drawn with 2 or more stops, which then vary with the ticket price.

Ann Croatia Some of the most popular beach spots Dalmatian Beach, Cornati Islands and Hwer. Although the couple did not give details about which beach they are going to spend their honeymoon on, it is estimated that they may be one of these places as they have endless activities and tourist monuments to enjoy.

Canello and Fernando celebrated their wedding a few days ago.  (Photo: US)
Canello and Fernando celebrated their wedding a few days ago. (Photo: US)

A direct flight from Mexico For example Jatar, Croatia It is also one of the special airports to these tourist destinations Aeromexico Let’s circle in between 00 10000, Purchased in travel class, which means that traveling in first class can double that cost without much effort.

Croatia is considered a beautiful place with many places to stay $ 500 Includes all the luxuries and is one of the top areas of the place. All in all, we can talk about the most significant amount, it shows us Canello He doesn’t consider that there are limits when it comes to having fun with his wife.

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