December 1, 2022

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Canaries fly high in Copa Libertadores! Barcelona beat SC The Strongest 4-0 in Group C | Football | Sports

(Video) The Bolivians were mercilessly punished. Carlos Carcass, Mario Pineda, Emmanuel Martinez and Gonzalo Mastriani scored.

Barcelona continue their successful march in Group C of the Copa Libertadores. The Yellows beat Bolivia’s The Strongest 4-0 on Wednesday. This result puts them as their main leaders with six points.

On the first day, the Fabian Pustos led Santos 2-0 in Brazil, and now they are waiting for the Boca Juniors to score the same, but the Guayaquils have more than six goals against more than three in Argentina at 7:30 pm next Tuesday. .

The first phase was not good for the Canaries, they had a promising start, but over time the pace of the attack faded.

Guacquilinos, as usual, tried to create quick action in the bands, especially on the right, as Byrne Castillo wanted to be unbalanced.

In the middle, Damien Diaz and Emmanuel Martinez were very sharp and tried to connect with the lone Carlos Carcass in the attack.

The Bolivians did not make a clear choice to score after Willie Barbosa’s shot close to the goal saved by Javier Barroy (14 minutes). Then, with an overflow from Castillo on the right, the ball delivered to Martinez could not be pushed against goalkeeper Daniel Wagga.

As the filling began, Barcelona thanked Carcassonne. From the left, Thias Martinez sent a cross into the left area and sent the ball low, leaving Manabi Gunnar 1-0 in Guayaquil (46 minutes).

Pineda, 66, from the left, took a shoe deflected by a competitor and made it 2-0.

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Emmanuel Martinez took charge 3-0 when he took out two match defenders, and with a cross shot the goalkeeper turned Waka’s extension into useless.

This victory was punished by Gonzalo Mastriani who entered the variant. The attacker beat a defender and made it 4-0 (85 minutes). (D)