November 28, 2022

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Canalo’s Ryan Garcia ready to fight Pitbull Cruz

Mexico City /

Perfect Isaac “The Pit Bull” Cruise Exhibition Before Gervonda Davis It served as a catapult to search for the most famous competitors, One of them has already expressed a desire to face it, Mexican-American Ryan Garcia, Author on his social networks “Okay, let’s go”.

He was convinced he could go for it and Davis finished his match against Pitbull Cruise He made it one of his priority goals, Though aggressive comments reached Garcia’s eyes and ears, he did not take long to respond.

Born in Mexico City, Garcia was first baptized “Crystal Jaw” After this Think of him as a low quality boxer, Although the exchange of statements did not stop there.

Ryan pointed out that the fight should have been easier for Kervonda. I was ready to fight him to turn off his words, Whipping up how careless he is in his career and the attention he pays on social networks.

Dumb fighters who are social media champions, Who are dedicated to uploading videos to their channels, have shown them that we are fighters, regardless of the time expected. We do not reject [la oportunidad] They put up a great fightCruise said.

Under the command of Eddie Rhinoceros, Sal “Canelo” Alvarez coaches at the same gym, Garcia has become one of the youngest boxers, Which made him one of the most coveted names in the lightweight division holding the interim title of World Boxing Council.