July 6, 2022

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Camilo Echeverry: Why Evaluna Montaner Didn’t Change Indigo’s Diapers | Celebrities of America | nnda-nnlt | Performances

Visit Indigo Has revolutionized the lives of Camilo Y Evaluate the mandarin Absolutely. The singers’ marriage faces their first experience as parents with great emotion and speed, and the Colombian singer described part of the daily routine that he and his wife undertake to care for their first child. During that story, he warned that the Venezuelan artist would not change his daughter’s diapers in practice.

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The Echevery-Montaner family is the main motivator of the “Casey” translator, who says he loves his family so much: his daughter and wife, which is why he always tries to be close to both of them. What’s more, their new single, “Pegao” and the album called “Inside Pa’Outside”, were inspired by them.

“When Indigo came along, we sat down to write songs, plans, laughter, scream, travel, celebrate with you, frankly … watching Indigo come and what I think are the best songs I’ve ever written in my life. That’s how we put together the album ‘Inside Out’ .The Colombian composer insisted From Telemundo.

The new song, which was released on May 19, has already garnered over 3 million views and over 200,000 likes on Camilo’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, the album of this single will be released next September.

Colombian says he had wonderful days (Photo: Camilo / Instagram)

Why didn’t Camila switch to indigo diapers?

Camilo’s museum of new songs has the full attention of his parents, making sure they are comfortable all day indigo. Thus, Evlona and her husband have arranged the roles that each one must fulfill in raising the child.

In the same interview with the Telemundo project, Medellin describes how the natives fulfill their role as parents. How is the diaper thing going? I think he is the best in the world. Better than Evaluauna? Of course I do so much better than her. In the diaper delegation, yes. Only in the diaper ”Camilo said.

Next, he explained why Evaluna was not responsible for changing diapers: “The diaper mission is mine. Evaluna are food representatives who are 24/7. So I’m just with diapers. I think Evaluna has changed four diapers since Indigo was born. I change everything day and night..

Will Indigo accompany Camilo in concerts?

The video clip “Pegao” was recorded privately in the home of Camilo and Evaluna, who was in charge of producing it, and their child had almost star participation. The fact that everything the Colombian singer does no longer happens again and again.

Camilo indicated that Índigo will be accompanying him on the “inside out” tour starting Thursday, May 26th. “Suitcase, we assembled it, diapers, lots of diapers, wipes and we’re out.”Sentenced.

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