November 28, 2022

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‘By the Passart’; Memes blame Piojo Herrera for the LTTE’s defeat

Leon, Guanajuato /

The First semifinal From MX League Had already stayed Defined, Because The lion Captured the party, Drowned the Tigers And with a Angel Mena Double They stood out in the final; Forgive the fans Piojo Herrera, Then They accuse him of being a bastard Protect the tie.

In the final of the tournament, Piojo Herrera decided to remove the gig. Because he was reprimanded, but after that His approach was based on taking care of 1-1 He had them at the moment of the final.

A few minutes later, Al 85 ‘, That The goal From Angel Mena Then start a Row on benches, Where he is Piojo Herrera will also be the protagonist Not by dividing the players.

All of these components are created Activists From Tigers And in general They will attack Piojo Herrera, Then They do not understand how Thing You can continue to coach at Liga MX With such a disposition.

On Social Websites There were many Memes against Piojo Herrera, Well, in addition to passing it Passart, The way they played, complained about how the lion brought his team They reminded me of America. There he learned to fight with soldiers.

When that appeared The Piojo Herrera will make history in Tigress Al Qualification To do The final of his first match, A bad result, according to the fans, stained in their way Memes and reactions They were noticed on social networks.

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Piojo Herrera, the target of memes after the elimination of the Tigers