Burning Bright – DVD Review

Burning Bright
3.5 stars

There have been many movies with victims trapped in a house, but Carlos Brooks’ Burning Bright takes the idea and gives it some teeth. In this well executed and entertaining second effort from Brooks, the director of 2008’s Quid Pro Quo, we find a young woman and her autistic little brother trapped in a house with a hungry tiger during a hurricane.

Well-written and beautifully photographed and edited, Burning Bright shows its merit right off the top when an uncredited and bad-as-ever Meat Loaf (Rocky Horror, Bat Out Of Hell fame) sells his ornery circus tiger to Garrett Dillahunt (from TV’s Burn Notice and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) , who has secret plans for the exotic animal.

The real stars of the film are Briana Evigan (Sorority Row) and Charlie Tahan (I Am Legend), who end up trapped in the house with the big cat. Evigan plays a potential college student who’s had to turn down scholarship offers to supervise her Autistic brother after the recent death of their mom. They are both strong and believable actors that kept the suspense and horror going throughout the entire house sequence.

In what sounds like it should have been a flop of a film, the strong cast, great camera work and slick editing made for an entertaining evening by the ol’ DVD machine.