December 7, 2022

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Built! This is how Barcelona-Napoli lived minute by minute at Camp Nou for the Europa League


It’s over! Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli and will play next week, February 24, at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium for a ticket to the 16th round of the Europa League.

97 ‘Petrie’s center connects look and catches Napoli goalkeeper. Napoli will finish playing with 10. Fabian Ruiz retires after the beating.

The 96 ‘game starts again. Another cowboy served after the cross of the Alpha.

95 ‘Kavi is already recovering and Fabian Ruiz has to play with a bandage on his head for the last few minutes.

93 ‘The center of Jordi and the clash between Kavi and Fabian Ruiz. The game stops. Ferran had asked for a penalty in the previous match, but nothing.

92 ‘ Ferron again! Nice wall with de Jang and Spaniard’s shot goes up. We have already lost the defeats of Torres.

91 ‘ Napoli answer! Der Stegen catches a shot into the Mertens area.

90 ‘and six more minutes were added.

89 ‘ UUUUYYY! Luke de Zhang throws himself a Chile after a center from the Test and moves closer. How big a goal the Dutchman is going to get.

87 ‘ Ferron misses it! The best game that starts with Tempele scoring is when the ball reaches Torres without scoring, and he sends it up. The striker is not doing well.

85 ‘Last change in Barcelona: Luke de Jong enters for Abba.

At 84 ‘Napoli, Elmas and Anguissa were injured for Mario Rui and Malquid.

82 ‘Batry makes a mistake in the pass, and Xavi yells “Be quiet” from the bench.

81 ‘Mingusa leaves for Test in Barcelona.

Two more changes in the 80’s Napoli: Jilinsky and Ozimhen departed for Mertens and Diego Demmi.

78 & # 39; Tempelay tries to get down to the game, but the French rhythm is noticeable.

75 ‘is not Jordi Alba’s best game. The left hand cannot detect the holes.

73 ‘Jilinsky’s ankle now aching after being hit by baskets.

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71 ‘First change in Napoli: Adam Onas enters for Captain Insignia.

Ferran Torres ’70’ free kick goes over. Nothing happens.

69 ‘Yellow card for Fabian Ruiz for making a mistake in the buskets. Free kick for locals.

66 & # 39; Temple’s first match after his tough situation in the winter market. He was greeted by Barsa fans whistling.

65 ‘Xavi moves the bench: Nico, Adama and de Zhang set out for Kawi, Temple and Busquets.

64 & # 39; Three changes are coming to Barcelona. With attention.

62 ‘VAR fines for Barcelona.

61 ‘Osimhen Barsa A headache for defense. They can’t stop every time the bike starts.

59 ‘Ferran Torres, the player who is looking for him the most, put it 1-1 from the penalty mark.


57 ‘ Penalty for Barcelona! Adama’s center and the ball hit the hand of Juan Jesus. The referee checks the play and imposes a maximum fine.

56 ‘ A penalty in favor of Barcelona by War is being reviewed!

Auba is one of the 54 ‘outgoing candidates. Caponis did not put weight on the game.

52 ‘The good wall between Mingueva and Adama, the winger throws the center and destroys the Napoli defense … again.

50 ‘Osimhen right wing goes down, Piqué can’t cut, but Nigerian center goes wide. Neither Gerard nor Eric Garcia can stop the Africans.

49 & # 39; Tembele is one of the warmest players in the band for Barcelona.

The bass filtered from the 48 ‘battery looks for Abba, but Napoli’s security is the focus.

There was no change in the squad during the 46 ‘break.

Four. Five ‘ Second time begins!

– Barcelona say 73,525 spectators arrived at Camp Nou today. Admission is not bad considering the competition and schedule.

For others! Barcelona have at least lost to Napoli in the Europa League.

41 ‘Little or nothing from Adama. This does not pose a risk to the right wing.

40 & # 39; Barcelona did not react after the Neopolitans’ target.

39 ‘Yellow card for Anguissa for a foul against Nico. The first warning of the game.

36 ‘is now a serious withdrawal from Napoli, waiting for two-fourths lines and another to go against one error or robbery.

34 ‘Eric Garcia clears a deep long ball towards Osimhene.

31 & # 39; Climb the scoreboard: Zilinsky’s goal was verified by VAR and the visit was already successful.

30 ‘ Eye! The play is being reviewed by VAR.

29 ‘The Italians’ counterattack, Fabian leaves it into the area, Jilinsky finished hard, Der Stegen rejected it and shot it back 0-1.


27 ‘ Ferran had it! Mandatory shot from the striker when he had everything to open the score. Good service from Adam, but ’19’ forgives.

26 ‘Petrie makes a pass between the lines, but Abba fails to control. Even the game so far.

24 & # 39; Coulombali’s best finish when Adama was alone in front of the goalkeeper. The game is invalid because the striker was offside.

22 ‘ UUFFF! After Osimhen’s shot increased the speed and Der Stegen deflected the corner. The first of Napoli.

20 & # 39; Abba has not yet appeared in his first start as a Barசாa player.

18 ‘Mingusa Center and well destroyed by the Great Cowboys. It will not be easy for Ferran against the Senegalese players.

15 ‘Ferran’s shot out. The striker got up on the far post and his header did not reach the goal. He said he played at a center.

14 & # 39; Now Napoli is catching the ball and starting to grow. The Italians are a little more relaxed.

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12 ‘Jilinsky goes down the wing and puts it in a dangerous center, however Bigway cleared it well.

First good minutes for Barcelona trying to win the 10 ‘match. Napoli is waiting for the counter.

9 ‘The referee warns Erik for making a mistake at the wrong time on Jilinsky in the spine.

8 ‘Fact: Barcelona never won the Europa League. Can you make it to the finals and make history?

7 & # 39; De Lorenzo lying on the ground, a big cut that avoids Ferran’s progress after a superb pass from Frankie.

5 ‘ Near PEDRI! Shot past Meredith’s goal after a ball recovered by Obameyang.

3 & # 39; It is coming out pressing Barசாa, it is difficult for the Italians to get out from behind.

1 ‘Barசாa has been playing in this type of tournament for 18 years. Still, Plugrana fans were on the field in support of a team undergoing restructuring.

Start the party! Barcelona and Napoli measure their strength to advance to the 16th round of the Europa League.

The Barcelona Measured today Naples In the first leg of the Europa League ‘Playoffs’, Argentina beat Zambavan in a star battle to advance to the 16th round. Diego Armando Maradona.

Samuel Eto’o is condemned for recognizing a young woman as his daughter

Xavi Hernandez Surprise to put up for the first time ⁇ பமேயங் Will be a starter and front அடமா Y Ferran Torres. In addition, on the right wing, betting Mingwesa Sergino replaces Test (Danny Alves dropped off list) and captain Baskets He starts as a substitute.

Confirmed rows

Barcelona: Der Stegen; Mingueza, Piqué, Eric García, Jordi Alba; Frenkie De Jong, Pedri, Nico; Adama, Ferran Torres and Abameyang.

Naples: Mereth; De Lorenzo, Coulibaly, Rahmani, Juan Jesus; Anguissa, Fabián, Elmas, Zielinski, Insigne and Osimhen.

Table: 11:45 AM from Honduras.

Transmission method: ESPN.