May 18, 2022

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'Bridgerton' actress Polly Walker said wearing Lady Featherington's brightly colored dresses was 'a bit tormented'

‘Bridgerton’ actress Polly Walker said wearing Lady Featherington’s brightly colored dresses was ‘a bit tormented’

“Bridgerton” actress Polly Walker at the second season premiere in London on March 22, 2022.Leah Toby/Getty Images

  • “Bridgerton” actress Polly Walker said her character’s bright dresses were “a little squiggly.”

  • Walker, who plays Mrs. Featherington, spoke about her character in an interview with Vulture.

  • Lady Featherington and her daughters on the show are known for their brightly embellished dresses.

“Bridgerton” actress Polly Walker said in a recent report Interview with Devon Ivey of Vulture, That her character’s brightly colored dresses are “a little tormented.”

Walker, who plays Mrs. Portia Fetherington on the popular Netflix show, said wearing the brightly colored dresses is “quite weird”. Lady Featherington and her daughters Philippa, Prudence and Penelope were known on the show by wearing embellished dresses in bright, acidic colors like yellow and orange. By contrast, the rest of the characters are mostly displayed in soft or muted colors.

“I’d like to dress like Lady Bridgerton or Lady Danbury instead of these fluorescent colors,” she said, referring to the other moms on the show. “But this is the Featheringtons for you. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

The actress said she mostly wears all-black jeans when she’s not in character, but wearing the colors helped her get the character. The second season of Mrs. Fetherington revolves around her struggle to make ends meet with the introduction of the new head of household. Walker said the “Bridgerton” writers not only put her character in colorful dresses, but also in awkward situations.

“She’s very street smart,” she said. “The writers seem to enjoy putting Portia into these difficult scenarios, and I hope they keep doing that and there’s no solution to it,” she said.

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Walker’s representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Walker isn’t the only Bridgeton star who has a different style than his. Season 2 stars Simone Ashley and Nicola Coughlanwho plays Penelope Featherington, has shown that they don’t dress anything like the characters they portray.

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