August 20, 2022

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Brian makes important clarification by releasing Fenafuth statement after FIFA approval against Moya

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Fenafood (National Autonomous Football Federation of Honduras), went ahead and then issued a statement Brian Moya He was suspended by FIFA from all official sporting activities.

Olympian athlete Admitted due to legal issues with one of his former teammates Julia from Venezuela. The Venezuelan club says the footballer left the company in 2020, when he was on contract. Valid for twelve months.

As a result, Moya had no choice but to pay the amount to Julia from Venezuela. 120 thousand dollars, that is about 3 million lambs.

Many journalists and fans have questioned the use of Brian Moya by Olympia in this Clausura 2022, so Fenafut clarified the issue in a statement.

“Under current rules, the player is registered in a timely manner with the Federal Register,” said the National Autonomous Federation of Honduras.

It should be noted that Olympia registered Moya with the approval of the TAS (Sports Arbitration Court). Following the FIFA decision in favor of Julia, the player appealed, and when they reviewed his case, he was approved.

Albos recorded the attackers with the risk that a resolution would be issued against the footballer. But there was no loss of points as the appeal was ongoing.

The Fifa Resolutions Chamber states that Moya has to pay $ 120,000. If the loan is not repaid, the Honduran scorer will be suspended for six months.

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