September 29, 2022

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Brenza Libre takes place at the Curaக்கோao Airport – between Coles’ party and Bicolor

Curaக்கோao celebrated their third victory and scored 9 points, similar to the Guatemalan national team. (Photo by FutbolerosGT).

Curaக்கோao’s victory allowed them to score 9 points, the same as Guatemala, and now they are both on 14 and equal in goals, although the Caribbean still have one point (15) which is why they are in first place in Group C.

The national team traveled to Curaao early this Saturday morning, but upon arrival it was held at the airport for more than two hours, due to the request for the form of the Secretary of Health upon entry into the country, despite the submission of PCR tests by the entire delegation.

Tickets for the next round of qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be defined in a fight next Tuesday at 6:00 pm, where only the Blue and White team already on the ground in Curacao will get the win.

The national team has finished three games played and they reach this last fight with the will to advance, but are forced to keep all three points to sign a ticket to the next round.

Guatemalan soldiers who came to Guratham. The group was held at the island’s airport for more than two hours. (Photo by Fedet).

In this Saturday’s game at El Tropol Stadium, Curaao had no problem beating Dutch coach Patrick Clovert to beat the British Virgin Islands with little football and trade to prevent an attack.

10 minutes ago, Curaக்கோao was already on the scoreboard with goals from Brandley Kvass and Miguel Maria. Leandro Baguna raised the score to 11 and then doubled it to Charleson Benshop 18 and 22.

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Before the end of the first half, Miguel Maria converted the fifth to 27th. In the second half, Cluvert’s team slowed down the game and Kenji Corey scored two more goals for just 57 and 91. .