September 29, 2022

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Brazil Champion in Tokyo 2020! They beat Spain 2-1 in the men’s football final

Fantastic game at Yokohama Stadium! Choices Brazil Y Spain They gave us a heart-stopping match for the men’s football final of the Olympics, which ended in overtime.

From the start of the game, the Brazilians took control of the game and created excellent scoring conditions. They even had a chance to get up on the scoreboard, but Richardson misses his steps from twelve steps. However, at the end of the first half, Cunha appeared to be 1-0.

But things will not be easy. In the second half, the Spaniards, led by Petrie, found the equalizer through Wirezabel, thus extending the match to the vice.

Already in extra time, the Brazilians regained control of the ball and created several goal situations. When it appeared they were going to be fined, Malcolm seemed to define the class with 118 minutes and a 2-1 score. After this goal, Tokyo wins the gold medal for Brazil at the 2021 Olympics.

Live: Brazil vs. Spain

Tokyo is the Brazilian champion of men’s football at the 2021 Olympic Games!

Minute 118: Brazil defends everything

La Canerinha is waiting for a counter-attack in its area. The Spaniards are looking for a dive that will take them to all sorts of penalties.

Minute 108: Gooooooooooal from Brazil!

In extra time, Malcolm reached the break, won the spot for the Spanish defender, outlined the left foot and Unai Simone took a powerful shot before leaving.

The second extension begins

The last 15 minutes begin. If they are even on the scoreboard, they will be fined.

The end of the first extension

The first 15 minutes of overtime end.

Minute 100: Close to second place in Brazil

With Malcolm’s entry, Scratch gains an attacking power. Now at last they scored the second goal of the match, otherwise Unai Simon’s amazing save.

Minute 95: Brazil enters with everything

The Brazilians began to be attacked by Malcolm’s faction, which entered the area in the final. They had two approaches to the goal of Unai Simon.

The first 15 minutes begin with the final match between Brazil and Spain.

At the end of the second half the referee blew the whistle. Stretching begins.

Minute 90: Three more before extra time

The last minutes are played at Yokohama Stadium. Brazil and Spain are equal.

Minute 87: Spain’s second almost arrived

The second is almost here! Brian Gill got the ball and took a powerful shot, but unfortunately the ball hit the crossbar.

Minute 80: They are still built into one

The Brazilians had a corner kick that they couldn’t use much of. This time, it looks like the party is going overtime.

Minute 73: Spain rules the field

The Spaniards grew up on the playing field, they kept the Brazilians away from Unai Simone, and they had a few chances to change the score.

This is the goal of WireSabel

Minute 60: Gooooooooooal from Spain!

Carlos Solar appeared behind Tire Alves and picked up a powerful cross by Overseasball to connect the ball first. Build in Yokohama.

Minute 58: Danny Alves MVP of the match

Danny Alves holds the team on his shoulders. The experienced winger is attacking not only on his wing but also on the left, he enters the center and takes time to defend by taking centers and shoots.

Minute 51: Misfortune took the goal from Richardson

Danny Alves took a cross to Richardson, entered the area, took a guard and defined it as strong. The ball was blocked by Unai Simon, but it seemed to enter the goal, however, a defender appeared to pass the ball to the corner kick.

Minute 50: Advanced level of Brazil

Richardson was in an advanced position, but he continued until the last definition against Unai Simon.

Spain’s selection makes some changes in this second half.

The referee completes the first 45 minutes in Yokohama.

Recover Richardson’s failed sentence

Minute 45 + 1 ‘: Gooooooooal from Brazil!

At the end of the first half, Cunha finished first using a Danny Alves cross, beating Unai Simone.

Minute 44: Spain come out of Brazilian pressure

After a missed penalty, the Spaniards got stronger and began to put pressure on the playing field. They have reached the goal of Santos.

37th min: Richardson missed!

The Everton striker missed the chance to open the scoring from twelve steps. His shot went over Simon’s goal.

Min 36: Referee awarded a penalty to Brazil

After seeing the pictures, the Chief Justice hands down the maximum sentence in favor of Canarina. Kicker Richardson.

The arbitrator is consulting with the VAR for a possible Unai Simon fine against Cunha.

Minute 34: The match is stopped

Free kick in favor of Brazil. Danny Alves sends the ball to the heart of the box, Unai Simon goes wrong and hits a player from Brazil. The referee explains that something went wrong against the Spanish goalkeeper and the match was stopped.

Minute 30: Brazil had a new option

Anthony got the ball and two defenders were sent off to take an accurate cross in the heart of the area, but unfortunately his teammate Cunha could not connect well and wasted a clear chance to get up on the scoreboard.

Minute 24: Richardson misses first

Clear at the meeting. Richardson received a filtered pass, outlined and took a powerful shot that brushed you off Simon’s right post.

Minute 23: Brazil searches first

Cladinho went to the area and took a shortcut for his teammate Cunha, but the Spanish defenders destroyed the ball.

Minute 18: Clear play in Brazil

Diego Carlos joined hands with Unai Simon, but his shot was well blocked by the Spanish goalkeeper. A few minutes ago, the Red Fury had the option to open the scoring, but Santos removed the goal tag from Danny Olmo.

Minute 10: Free kick in favor of Brazil

Anthony, who received a good pass from Danny Alves, was fouled by referee Cucurella. He activated the center on the 10th of Sao Paulo, but the ball was destroyed by the Spanish defenders.

The match started eight minutes ago. Spain had a clear chance in the beginning, but goalkeeper Santos was able to put out the fire.

Official order of Spain

Official order of Brazil

Two powerhouses for the gold medal will face off at Yokohama’s Nissan. All events, minute by minute, can be found on the La Repubblica Deportes website. Precisely in this note, we will provide you with a preview, schedule and how to watch the men’s football final in Tokyo 2021.

Brazil vs. Spain: Matchbox

Fit Brazil vs. Spain
When will they play? Saturday, August 7th
Where? Nissan de Yokohama
what is the time? 6.30 p.m.
On which channel? Marca Claro, RTVE Law 1 and Eurosports

Brazil vs. Spain at any time

  • Mexico: 6.30 p.m.
  • Perry: 6.30am
  • Ecuador: 6.30am
  • Colombia: 6.30am
  • Bolivia: 7.30am
  • Venezuela: 7.30am
  • Chile: 7.30am
  • Paraguay: 7.30am
  • Argentina: 8.30am
  • Uruguay: 8.30am
  • Brazil: 8.30am

The Brazilian team, driven by the experience of Danny Alves, will be looking for their title at No. 43. Together with their goalkeeper Santos and their striker Richardson, the Brazilians will travel to Yokohama’s Nissan with the aim of retaining gold at the Olympics. Games.

However, they will not be easy, as the Red Fury came up with key players who played in the European Championship at these events, such as Petrie, Danny Olmo, Orezball, Uni Simon, Eric Garcia and Pav Torres. .

Which channel to watch against Brazil. Spain

  • Argentina: Claro Sports, Marca Claro
  • Brazil: Now Net and Claro, Sport TV, Globo, Canals Globo
  • Chile: Claro Sports, Claro brand
  • Colombia: Claro Sports, Claro brand
  • Ecuador: Claro Sports, Marca Claro
  • Mexico: Claro Sports, Claro brand
  • Paraguay: Claro Sports, Marca Claro
  • Peru: Claro Sports, Claro brand
  • Spain: fuboTV Spain,, TVE La 1, Eurosport 2 Spain, Eurosport Player Spain
  • Uruguay: Claro Sports, Claro brand
  • Venezuela: Claro Sports, Claro brand.

Where should Spain play against Brazil?

Check out the following channel guide on where to tune in to ATV and watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics from Peru.


  • VHF: Channel 4 (Piura), 5 (Arequipa), 8 (Trujillo), 9 (Lima), 13 (Huancayo)
  • UHF: Channel 33 (Dakna), 23 (Chiclayo and Juliacca)
  • DTT: Channel 9.1 (Lima), 5.1 (Arequipa), 8.1 (Trujillo), 13.1 (Huanzayo).


  • DirectTV: Channel 199 and 1199
  • MovieStar TV: Channel 109
  • Clear TV: Channel 9.


  • MovieStar TV: Channel 9 and 709
  • Claro TV: Channel 9 and 509
  • Cable: Channel 9 and 120.

Which channel to watch against Brazil. Spain via Claro Sports?

To avoid missing out on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, see here on which channels you can watch Chloro Sports from your Chloro TV cable or satellite TV operator, depending on where you are.

  • Argentina: Channel 100
  • Chile: Channel 169 and 469
  • Colombia: Channel 502, 1502, 503 and 1503
  • Ecuador: Channel 80 and 580
  • Paraguay: Channel 169
  • Peru: Channel 6, 63, 503 and 517.

How to see Spain against Brazil online?

To not miss the exclusive broadcast of the Tokyo 2020 Men’s Football Final, you can visit the Marca Claro website where you can watch other sections of the Olympic Games for free. This is another way to inform you about career growth Game Republic, Which carries minute-by-minute events with photos and videos of the match.

Brazil vs. Spain: Possible adjustments

Brazil: Saints; Danny Alves, Nino, Diego Carlos, Gilherme Arana; Douglas Lewis, Bruno Guimaraes, Anthony, Gladinho, Paulinho; Richardson

Spain: Unai Simón; Oscar Gill, Eric Garcia, Pav Torres, Mark Cucurella; Michael Merino, Martin Jubimenti, Petri Gonzalez; Marco Asensio, Michael Wiresball, Danny Olmo.

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