Bond Of Silence – DVD Review

Bond Of Silence

In Bond of Silence, Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy) stars as Katy McIntosh, a woman whose husband, Bob (David Cubitt), is mysteriously murdered while trying to quell a wild teenage house party on New Year’s Eve. Searching for answers about her husband’s death, Katy faces a shroud of secrecy from the teens and their protective parents as they attempt to prevent her from finding out the truth. Greg Grunberg stars as Paul Jackson, the detective helping Katy uncover the secrets behind what really happened.

While Bond of Silence tugs at the heart, it also dives deep into the teenage mind and the rationale it has when things go wrong. No one intended to kill Bob, but most certainly, no one is going to tell who killed Bob either. It’s a real story that’s been faced by many over the years and has even been fictionalized in movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequels. But with Bond of Silence, Raver brings the story of Bob into the viewers’ home and into the hearts of all who watch.

Raver is the perfect fit for the role of Katy, with the exact mix of compassion, love and drive that I’m sure the real life Katy would have had. It might have been a bit more realistic if there was a breakdown or two in the film (which I’m sure the real Katy must have had throughout this torturous experience). Instead, the filmmakers took the route of making Katy a strong survivor, who despite all odds wouldn’t stop until the truth comes out.

Cheers to Lifetime for telling the story of Katy and Bob – it’s a bold and gutsy choice of story to tell and one that could be played in the homes of those who may need their own guiding light as they discover their own truths. The payoff at the end of the movie, which also shows footage of the real life Katy, is worth the 90 minutes of Bond Of Silence alone. It puts everything into perspective a bit more.

Katy, you are a true inspiration.