May 22, 2022

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Bomb! The top five names of players leaving PSG after the European defeat are coming to light


Despite the success France LeagueIn context PSG Declare the season a “failure” after falling in the round of 16 Champions League Against him Real Madrid.

In which the Shaykhs re-invested PSG The dream did not come true. Again they stayed on shore Europe But now in a painful way in the 16th round.

That failure already has its first consequences and consequences. According to what he publishes in L’Equipe, The PSG It is clear who will be the first players to leave the team: Angel de Maria, Lyndon Kehrer, Leandro Paradise, Julian Draxler Y Kurzawa of Live.

Maybe Mary’s angel It is very clear when the contract with the French team expires this June. At 34, he will not continue Ligu1 And the latest rumors put him off too Atletico Madrid Or in BarcaAmong others.

With respect Julian Draxler, The German became a top star in the French capital, but in recent years he has become a residual player. The PSG Wants to get rid of him and many clubs Germany They are ready to welcome you. L’Equipe further quotes Seville Among the possible locations of the German midfielder.

Leandro Paradise This is the strangest case of all because Pochettino has him as an indispensable player PSG. The French team gave 40 million just three years ago and now it seems they don’t have it. The French newspaper points out that he is part of Vin’s personal circle Messi Y Neymar And indicates its future A series.

A Levine Kurzawa They wanted him out for a long time, but could not put him on a different team in the transfer market, but this time he would leave. With Lyndon Kerr Is different because it does not explode though PSGContains multiple shooters Bundesliga Y Premier League.

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