December 1, 2022

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Bomb! ‘Summit’ between Danny Alves and Barca for his signing

Danny Alves may be a step away from FC Barcelona. This is the message of the Brazilian outlet ‘UOL’, which is already spreading around the world. According to reports, the right-back is scheduled for a meeting with the Barசாa board this week. The right hand lane at the club is believed to be one of the weakest areas on the team, which is why he is interested in keeping the international ‘Canarino’.

Right now, The Blugrana team has only Sergino Test as a pure right-handed winger in the entire squad.. Oscar Mingusa, who has been working similarly in recent weeks, has yet to be transferred to a center and is not a firm for the position. The best replacement is Serge Roberto, who has been playing there for many years despite being a midfielder, but he has not given up good feelings so far this year.

For all these reasons, signing up with a full-back with experience, who knows the club, who fits the style that Xavi wants to propose, who will do whatever it takes to return home, is an attractive option for Joan Laborda and his team. What else, Alves will come for free because he is out of the team after ending his contract with Sao Paulo To default in September. He then turned down several offers from the Brazilian league because he wanted to hasten options for a return to Camp Nou.

Now, the winger knows that the door is open for him, and he does not want to miss the opportunity. At this week’s meeting, The company seems to be making a proposal on the side that will accept any salary in principle To wear parsa again. In addition, he knows that playing for Barசாa will increase his chances of starting with Brazil in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which is also one of his passions.

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Let Alves love himself, Laborda held out his hand

We need to remember that a month ago Alves ‘sold’ to Barcelona and made it clear that he dreamed of returning. “I came out saying that when Barசாa needed me, they would be at my disposal whenever they wanted me. If Barza thinks I need him, they just call me. I think I can still contribute Everywhere, but in Barசாa now the number of young people is high, “he commented.

At Xavi’s presentation, Laborda took the glove and left the decision on whether or not to sign the Brazilian in the hands of the new coach. “Danny Alves helps the club in many ways, and he has helped us with the sports perspective. There is a direct relationship with Puyol. They can help if the service needs them, ”the president commented, making it clear that any decision must have the approval of the coach. In principle, Egarense would say his“ yes ”would be the best teacher for the Test.