September 29, 2022

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Boca Juniors goalkeeper Stephen Androda’s wife condemns death threats | Football | Sports

It all appeared as a result of the goalkeeper’s positive test before the game against Barcelona SC.

A Great controversy The goalkeeper lives around the current situation in which he lives Boca Juniors, Stephen Androda, After I gave Positive to COVID-19 The day before the game Barcelona S.C. To Liberators Cup When the delegates were already in Ecuador. The test carried out on the goalkeeper and his other comrades before leaving for Ecuador was negative.

Andrata not only missed the commitment that ended with at least one bullfight victory, but also thanks to one goal Carlos Corseus, But must also be in Ecuador when crossing the virus, because in his country the entry of team members favorable to the corona virus is not accepted.

As a result of this situation, Nerina Galaso, The keeper’s wife, was rebuked Death threats After Androda showed his displeasure at the situation he was experiencing. “He went to work, they left him there and isolated him. They did not give us any solution. They did not answer the phone. I have more contact with the president of Lanes who made himself available than the president of Boca, the club where my husband works,” Galloso explained in the conversation. Dyke Sports.

Through her social networks, precisely through an Instagram story, Calasso responded to a message that they had left her, clearly stating a death threat to him and his family members. Coca-Cola’s wife was outraged at Boca’s misbehavior because the club “took him out of the country to work.”

Stephen Androda’s wife received death threats on her Instagram account.

“He didn’t go on vacation with me, I didn’t complain about anything. It’s a shame, what do you want me to say. I’m already looking elsewhere because the hours are passing, and Stephen is still (in Ecuador),” said Galaso.

According to the newspaper Ole, Androda Boga seeks permission to leave Ecuador. If that happens, you must also have the approval of the Argentine Ministry of Health so that you can enter the country on a medical plane, as the entry of infected people into the Kuchso lands will not be allowed. (D)

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