September 30, 2022

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Blue Cross | Sebastian Jurato and Guillermo Ochoa Council

Guillermo Ochoa One of the three reinforcements for power in Mexico Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. With the attachment of the goalkeeper United States Opportunities Sebastian Jurato, Who attended the Olympic event but reserved. Still, the player Blue Cross He stressed the importance of sharing a wardrobe with a ‘legend’ like Memo.

The young man from Veracruz went through WDeportes radio microphones and shared his recordings of the experience of living outside of two historical figures, such as Jesus Corona and Ochoa. He said the advice given by the American goalkeeper and that it was Sebas’ permanent dream: to go to Europe.

“You learn a lot with archers like Sui and Memo, I put my head on Cruise Azul. When I get the chance in Europe, I go, because the memo told me it was something incomparable, Jurato explained, he never hid his intentions of migrating to the old continent.

Wall to hut

Andres Gudino It was one of the most popular names in the beginning Opening 2021 By its sudden entitlement. Zhuin’s injury and the jury’s call to Tokyo opened a gap of eleven for him, but despite each of his interventions being highly accomplished, the position of second goalkeeper has its own name.

“Gudino and I both did well. We visualize ourselves above and try to improve ourselves day by day. Juan (Rhinoso) tells us, like the last match, we have to play the game, this is how we get the title. “, The gatekeeper agreed.