November 28, 2022

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Biden will do nothing to combat the Omigron variation

(CNN) – There was a telling moment during President Joe Biden’s remarks New Omigran variant of the corona virus At the White House this Monday. He is willing to do his best to vaccinate Americans and politely ask them to wear masks, but he is unlikely to go the way of some European leaders and push for new locks.

Biden sought to strike a balance, saying “this variation is a cause for concern, not panic.”

He raised several points to emphasize:

  1. We do not know everything we need to know about Omigran. This is not the time to panic about a new variant being first identified in South Africa. This is not the time to ignore it.
  2. நடந்தmicron will come to the US no matter what happens. The virus can reach the country by any means New travel restrictions It went into effect on Monday. Biden said these were aimed at slowing down the spread of diversity and preparing the United States, not preventing it from entering the country. Some experts believe it is already here.
  3. Vaccines. Vaccines. Vaccines. The best way to protect yourself is through vaccination and booster doses.
  4. Wear the mask in public even after vaccination. Biden urged people to start wearing masks in public, regardless of the status of the vaccine, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In the United Kingdom, if omigran cases are found, stores will need masks again.
  5. You have to be vigilant. The federal government is working with drug manufacturers, although Biden has said that no further action is needed if updates to vaccine recommendations are needed.
According to the doctor, Ómicron contains a worrying compound 3:03

This last point is particularly interesting: Biden mentions the possibility of updating vaccine protocols. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Recommendation for use of booster doses Especially due to the Omigron variant. Rather than saying the booster is “possible” to everyone who has been vaccinated over the age of 18, the CDC now says everyone should be.

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What is the moment of revelation in Biden’s speech?

After the president’s comments, the moment of revelation came when he was asked to explain his opinion on the upcoming plan to deal with Omigron, which he mispronounced as “Omnigron”.

Biden said: “On Thursday, I’m going to outline a comprehensive strategy outlining how we’re going to fight COVID-19 this winter, not through closures or locks, but more comprehensive vaccines, boosters, tests and more.”

A reporter asked Biden why the locks were coming out.

“If people are vaccinated and wear masks, there is no need for imprisonment,” he said.

This opinion was true and confusing, because what we have learned in recent months is that many Americans are not going to be vaccinated or wear a mask.

The United States urges travelers to pay attention to Omigron measurements 1:07

However, what I heard from Biden’s response was that no matter how a new variant spreads: the federal government is not going to resort to a political fight over locks. The country experienced a delta wave this summer and fall, and many Americans rejected the need to be vaccinated in schools with masks or at work.

Biden’s response was different in some parts of Europe, with some cities and countries returning to some form of lockout. Covit-19 cases and deaths are on the rise Due to delta variation. The Washington Post went to a city Half imprisonment in Belgium And closures in Slovakia and Austria and a curfew in the Netherlands. In Western European countries, so far, the average number of COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 is less than in the United States. According to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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New plot theory

Texas Representative Ronnie Jackson – a former White House physician – was one of those who spread the word. Nonsense idea Democrats and others are raising concerns about Omigran to help themselves politically ahead of the November 2022 election. Please stop.

Recent News on Vaccination in the United States

According to Vine data, the United States has not yet reached 60% of the fully vaccinated population CDC. Vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 will increase that number when they get the second dose.

But the evolution of vaccine efforts and requirements is changing rapidly.

Penalties are delayed

The Biden government has given some RsDelays the sentencing of federal employees who are not vaccinated.

Scientists are trying to determine the risk of the Omigron variant 2:35

Most federal workers must be vaccinated by November 22, and 92% have received the first dose of the Govit-19 vaccine. According to the Office of Management and Budget, some workers have applied or been exempted, bringing 96.5% of federal workers up to standard.

The request was rejected

Supreme Court Judge Stephen Fryer The request was rejected on Monday To prevent the need for vaccination at Mass General Brigham Hospital for the 80,000 employees of the Massachusetts Hospital system.

Vaccination order, suspended

Also, a Missouri federal judge Area blocked Vaccine requirements of the Python administration for certain health workers. This order only affects the 10 states where the lawsuit was filed.

The need for the vaccine, which is due to take effect on December 6 in most parts of the country, came from centers for medical and medical services.

The judge, who withheld that requirement, offered his own medical advice when he said, “If the ‘stable position’ continues through the case in this case, the public will not be harmed in the slightest.”

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He noted that potential staff shortages are a concern, especially among health care providers in rural areas.

Spain reports first case of new Omigron variant 3:27

When do we know if vaccines work against Omigran?

Probably in the next two weeks, Said Dr. Peter Hodges explained to CNN’s Jim Acosta this weekend how scientists can test vaccines against variants.

How does Omigron travel around the world?

Mainly CNN International Report In the Omigron variant, I noticed that cases in the Netherlands were found in travelers from South Africa. Cases have been found in Canada of travelers from Nigeria. It has already gone around the world.

Evidence of vaccination is required

Many public activities, including eating inside a restaurant in Los Angeles, require proof of vaccination from mid-November. But on Monday, measures to restrict its use came into effect. Customers want to show one Evidence for a complete vaccine against Govit-19.

Eliminating vaccine requirements

Compare Los Angeles to Disney World in Florida, which last week stopped staffing the need for vaccines. Florida Vaccine Requirements Act.

Bad news to do the right thing

There is a tragic Gaelic reference to a country like South Africa where health officials discovered the Omigran variant and warned the world. His good behavior is punished with travel restrictions.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the travel ban on South Africa and seven other African countries was “not for punishment” but “for protection”.

Psaki said the United States had donated nearly 8 million doses of the vaccine to South Africa, and that the country had refused to provide more.