September 29, 2022

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Biden to meet families since the building collapsed

The citizen’s attorney calls for accountability for the “absolute hell” caused by the fall

Adam Moskovitz, a resident’s lawyer who has sued the Champlain Towers Southern Condominium Board, has been held accountable for anyone responsible for the “complete hell” caused by the building’s collapse.

“We are going to find out who is responsible,” Moskovitz told CNN’s Alice Camerota. It could have been a horrible (criminal) march. It could have been the antenna, the roof company, it could have been the pool, it could have been a lot.

“We are going to disable the evidence and make sure that the person who caused this horrible hell is responsible for it,” he added. “Buildings do not fall down.”

While the survivors, former residents and friends and family are pressed to ensure justice, it is important that a class action lawsuit be filed quickly, Moscovitz said.

“We filed a class action case because it should start now,” he said. “These people need to cry, but we need to start protecting the resources … We need to make sure the insurance money is disabled and no one is taking it because it’s scary.”

“The behavior is very unusual and I have never seen this before,” he added.

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