December 10, 2022

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Benefits of Pastor Rosie Guzmn accused of illegal enrichment

Pastor Rosie Mabelin Guzman, who was arrested during a recent crackdown on administrative corruption, is considered “a god” because of her repeated religious observances for associates of the “Temple Shalom” church located in the Cristo Ray field.

These are some of the religious activities that the pastor used for pastoral members, from mass religious ceremonies such as closing some streets, distributing cooked food on special dates, raw food exhibition and celebrations on a farm of his property. The church is described by a resident of this department.

“It was a god, he closed the street, gave dinner to people at Christmas, and the last thing he did was a food exhibition,” the man, identified as Jose Ignacio, recalled the religious activities he did for his faithful.

Ignacio said that after the first slanders were unleashed on him, he attended the Christian building “a little” and that he was not much because of the epidemic.

Similarly, although the bishop has no one to confirm or deny the charges against him, he reiterated that the bishop has taken very costly and massive steps in this field on different occasions.

“I remember he brought a truck full of electrical equipment, she was giving it to the pile of people there (at the church) and she did a lot of work on her farm,” he said.

The man, a little surprised, explained that the accusations of illicit enrichment were “not God’s things” because he did not like “things that are done wrong.”

The position of other pastors

“Pastors are not excluded from fall or failure, we have all failed, everything in the Bible has failed,” said Genio Bayo Guerrero, pastor of the same department and president of the Bayer Sports and Cultural Club of the same department. Partner Religious.

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Pastor Rosie Guzman, who also described herself as her friend and sister of the faith, said it was unfortunate that “you have to get over yourself” when pointing out that “the test is only a move from your hands to your eyes”. Others’ feet “,

“He has long shown me that he wants to please and serve God in the 7 or 10 years he has been a pastor,” he said.

Likewise, he did not believe or confirm that he had come to that position, but it is true that he was not the right person to render judgments on a person who “gave evidence and proof that he was a woman of God,” and concluded by saying that he was no more a teacher than a woman.

In prayer

“As a church we are united and will support it by the grace of God. We are going to support someone who is a part of the body of Christ,” he promised.

My words are guided by our first soul prayer and that people should be united and immersed in prayer, he reiterated.


“If she did something or stumbled at one point, you can be sure that she apologized and that God forgave her,” he said.


She’s going to help if this is not a very definite need. He took the food home, and if things were missing at home, the fans, the wheelchair-like something, the pastor was quoted as saying.


According to the file of the Special Advocate for Administrative Corruption Persecution (PEPCA), a corporate network has issued checks in the name of Bishop and Corporal Eric Daniel Pereira Nice from the bank account of Colonel Raphael Nice de Asa. “Placing assets of crime.”

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