December 7, 2022

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Belize promises his resignation will always be “at Amuri’s desk” and asks “little mom” after the classic falls

Belize promised that he would not stay at the club “just to wait for a solution” and that he knew Amuri could have him at any time.

Guadalajara Sports Director, Ricardo Belize promised in a press conference that he did not intend to resign or not, Team owner first, It is clear that Amuri Vergara can stop him at any momentTherefore, he would not consider leaving the team after a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the United States “for having a mother, due to the humiliation of the game”.

My resignation is permanently on the table of Auri VergaraHe knew it, and it was enough for me. I’m not going to stay here to wait for a solution, I’m going to pay for a cup of sleep, my resignation is permanently on Amar Vergara’s table, he can act when needed … I’m not going to throw to pieces, ”he reiterated on more than one occasion ashamed of what had happened.

“This news is for the fans. We are ashamed of the classical show, we have won in competitions. We are not close to delivering the show and results that people demand from Sivas. This conference is about showing your face. There is still a part of the competition, we will try to meet the demand of the fans. What happened yesterday is not unworthy of Shivas fans, ”he said.

In addition, Ricardo Belize added, “The day I have to leave, I’m going to leave without charging a single penny. I’m not going to throw in the towel. Progress has been made (with the last league). We have to continue to make progress, it’s not going away. Give it a chance “”.

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