November 28, 2022

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Barcelona slipped to victory in the final minutes against Granada; The poet was expelled


No more time! Granada drew 1-1 with Barcelona as the game was about to end 1-1. Kavi was ejected to a double yellow.

95 & # 39; Barcelona can not be anyone in their area. Granada wants three points.

94 ‘ You need to fix Der Stain! He misses the pass, Mander cuts it off, and his shot forces the goalkeeper to retreat and put his hand up.

93 & # 39; Everything came to Barcelona after the saffron was expelled. Memphis is on the field, but it’s a ghost, it’s lost.

91 & # 39; 6 minutes were added to the game.

90 & # 39; Antonio Puerta rebounds with his left foot after a corner kick against Barcelona to make it 1-1. Crazy at Carmens’ new ground.


86 & # 39; Der Stegen again takes another shot very safely from outside the area. Danny Alves was knocked to the ground by a blow from Luis Suarez.

85 & # 39; Apte looked yellow for being late for another ball. Loading Parsa cards.

84 & # 39; Double change in Granada: Quini and Neva retire and Escudero and Paca enter.

83 ‘ He had a mile! Cross shot from the front and Der Stegen threw himself to catch.

82 & # 39; Change in Barசாa: Tembele leaves and Alvaro Sans enters.

81 ‘is now yellow for Piqué due to protests.

The last ten minutes of the 80 ‘game. Granada is going to take advantage of all the numerical advantages.

79 ‘ 10 for Barcelona! Kavi looks a second yellow for a mistake and the leaves are sent. The referee did not pardon him red.

76 ‘ It was close! Apte gets the counterattack and goes inside and pulls it towards the long stick. That ball does not end in a miraculous goal.

75 & # 39; Door smuggling to prevent Alves from going to the ground. Brazil’s good defensive action.

73 & # 39; Apte picked up the center again, but Duarte explained it well.

70’s soft minutes now for Barசாa. Granada carries everything under pressure, and Xavier’s men are unable to extend their possessions.

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68 ‘Changes in Granada: Duarte and Collado enter and Victor Diaz and Machis retire.

67 & # 39; Yellow to Memphis for pushing a competitor.

66 ‘Barsa tries to put chloroform in the game. Granada is revolutionizing it. We have a very exciting final game.

Luke de Jong’s goal beat Barcelona.

Switch now to 63 ‘Granada: Connolly exits and Mondoro enters.

62 & # 39; Double change in Barca: Jatkla and Luke de Zhang departed for Apte and Memphis.

60 & # 39; Granada is now trying to react with the ball. Parsa tightens under pressure.

58 & # 39; Barcelona team with the most head goals this season: Total 8.

57 & # 39; He turned Granada 0-1 with a header from Tony Alves and Luke de Jong.


53 & # 39; Eric Garcia leaves the injury and Lenlet enters.

52 & # 39; Enter medical help to help Eric Garcia. Xavier calls Lenlett, the first change coming.

51 ‘Eric Garcia asks for change, Barcelona defender injured. They seem to have muscle discomfort.

50 & # 39; Alves made a mistake on Machis to avoid Granada’s quick change.

48 & # 39; Machis looked for the shot on the balcony of the area, but the hit went over the crossbar. Granada has come out with the rhythm.

46 & # 39; Without changes on both teams, they will remain the same.

45 ‘ Start the second half!

Relax! Granada and Barcelona are goalless at the Nuevo Estadio de los Carmenes. Xavier tried painting but he was out of luck. VAR canceled a goal for Luke de Jong.

46 ‘The center of the Tempel and Toronto is being cut. Jatkla was waiting to finish.

45 & # 39; 2 more minutes were added. The clear hand of the baskets outside the area and the referee did not allow anything. Granada demands it strongly.

43 & # 39; I wanted to filter the Temple Pass, but it did not come out. Only the French are trying differently.

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41 ‘Barsa dominates, marks time, but does not threaten. No one was overwhelmed and no dangerous auction appeared.

39 & # 39; Temple’s long-distance shot goes up.

36 & # 39; Jutkla tried to clear the center after several threats, but the team was in danger of sinking into its own game.

34 & # 39; The poet throws a self-pass that seems impossible. It goes a long way and the Granada goalkeeper holds it.

32 ‘Luke de Jong takes a free-kick almost to the top of the big area. And yellow for gonads.

30 & # 39; The first half hour of the game was busy in the last 15 minutes. Both teams should have already scored.

28 ‘Jutglá center touches a defender and ends in Maximiano’s hands.

26 ‘ Salva der Stegen! Machis shot into the area, and the German put on gloves to prevent his goal fall. It was close.

24 ‘ Ask for a fine for Granada now! Louis Milla controls the front and falls after a slight grip from the poet, though it is not clear. Very suspicious move.

22 & # 39; Saffron yellow for a mistake in midfield. The first of the game.

21 & # 39; Luke de John falls into the area and asks for a penalty, but the referee tells him to get up.

20 ‘Barசாa take control of the game. He dominates and does not suffer against Granada which does not appear from the opposite side.

18 & # 39; Jordi Alba’s pass was too long to pick Jutkla.

16 ‘ UUUFFF! Jutkla center from the left and Luke de Jong created a kind of scorpion and was very close to scoring. The big goal the Dutchman was going to make.

15 ‘Now the game is mostly played in the Granada area. The local player comes back and catches the Barcelona ball.

13 & # 39; Danny Alves swept from the right to cut one against Granada.

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11 & # 39; Luke de Jong’s header was very good. The Dutchman is playing nail-biting like ‘9’, with Jatkla thrown to the left and Temple to the right.

10’¡Canceled! The goal did not rise as Kavi was slightly ahead before launching his cross. We continue to be 0-0.

9 & # 39; Good hub that manages to connect Luke de Jong from the poet … but the play is being reviewed by VAR due to the potential offside.

8 ‘ GOOOOOLLLL of Barcelona!

5 ‘Luuk De Jong Inaccessible Jatkla Center. Away Danger Neva in the remote post.

4 ‘Currently there are some issues with joining the Parsa counter field.

2 & # 39; Louis Milla put it at medium height, with power, but no one could finish it and the ball travels through that area until it is lost at the bottom.

1 & # 39; Neva’s first internship, which surpassed the Alves and did not find the Puskets who came to help. First choice from set piece for granada.

The competition has begun! Granada and Barcelona are already being measured at the New Los Carmens Stadium.

After the victory of the difficult struggle Mallorca And the classification for the 16th round of the Copa del Rey, The FC Barcelona Visit this Saturday Granada For the 20th day match of the Spanish League.

The Catalan team will leave with Tony Alves On the right wing, so the Brazilian finally made his debut in his La Liga after his return. The attackers will be Dembélé, Jutgla and Luuk De Jong. Memphis DeBay, Who is summoned after receiving a medical discharge, will start from the bench.

Confirmed rows

Granada: Maximiano, Quini, Vector Daz, Torrente, Neva, Gonalons, Luis Milla, Puertas, Machís, Jorge Molina and Luis Surez.

Barcelona: Der Stegen; Alves, Pique, Eric Garcia, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Nico, poet; Jatkla, Tempole and Luke de Zhang.

Table: 11:30 AM from Honduras.

Transmission method: Sky Sports.