May 19, 2022

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Barcelona SC reveals its legendary nails and improvements at the Copa Libertadores by removing Montevideo City Dark in a penalty shootout | Football | Sports

Carlos Corsez, Jonathan Berlasa, Byron Castillo, Leonardo Martinez, Bruno Pinatros, Adonis Priciado, Eric Castillo and Leono all scored for the Bullfighting team at eleven pace.

Juan Batista Sejas, Augustine Pena, Diego Arismendi, Nicolas Siri, Marcelo Allende, Lucas Morales and Emanuel Guzman were all replaced for ‘T’. Gabriel Sokobar missed the last shot.

After a 0-0 draw in the rematch, both teams defined the series and drew 1-1.

Barcelona, ​​last year’s semi-finalists of the Libertadores, will play against Peruvian Universidario de Deportis in the second leg of the South American tournament, playing at home in the first leg scheduled for February 23.

With a five-year career, the ‘T’, formed at 4-1-4-1, kept the ball well and continued to throw himself towards the ‘Canarian’ cabin, giving the battle to the homeowner. Javier Burroughs must have been very careful not to be surprised at this.

In the right-wing start, Barcelona fans had trouble combining actions that endangered the fence of the Citizen team that participated for the first time in the Libertadores.

Depart without power

El Dark, a member of the Manchester City ownership team, came out of his place of play and took an interest in the game at the memorial ground owned by the ‘Canario’ team, which was hard to get the last line clear. Didn’t pick up the handle despite being a host.

At the start of the retaliation, Uruguay striker Gonzalo Mastriani, who had been linked with a move to Montevideo a week earlier, gave Barcelona a 1-0 victory, finding goalkeeper Juan Dinaglini on a superb goal attempt.

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Barcelona, ​​the Libertadores’ final rivals in 1990 and 1998, threw all the meat on the grill in the second half, turning the pages and projecting themselves, trying to settle the case in regulation time.

However, in the commitment directed by Brazilian Judge Anderson Toronco could not avoid shots from the penalty spot to determine the main winner, he advised three city players and two ‘bullfighters’.

Frustration eased the control of the talented Barcelona in the last three, causing much suffering to his fans who went to the recognized monument to get 50% (60,000 people) of its potential amid restrictions due to the epidemic.

The Montevideo team, like the Guayaquil team, used all its modifications and then settled the definition of stability by shots from eleven meters, which gave tickets to the most popular club in Ecuador. (D)