September 29, 2022

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Barcelona SC retains lead against Independent del Valle | National Championship | Sports

Riotos were surprised until Damien Thias started the yellow comeback in the 59th minute of the first half.

The goals of Brian Montenegro and Christian Artis in the first half put the Independent del Valle first place in the Lycabro series, but the reaction of Barcelona SC left the team with notes in the second half by Damien Diaz and Emmanuel Martinez. Who will face the first leg of the third early stage of the Copa Libertadores against the Crimea from Brazil in three days.

This is how the Licapro 2021 status chart goes

Barcelona now have only one point advantage over Emelec (second) and the Independent, who won 2-3 last Wednesday on the court in Olmeto, as he is with the University of Technology (0 -2).

The first three ads are in a fight for the top spot, with 9 days to go in the first phase of the competition.

“It will be an interesting game and the game will be fantastic to play. One of our direct competitors this year is the Independent for a fantastic championship fight,” coach Fabian Bustos warned of the power of the rioters, who have been under suspicion of seasonality under the command of Portuguese coach Renato Pio since March 5.

“Historically, independently, for all competitors, he has dominated the possession, which is definitely important, and I like it, but it does not guarantee that you will get the result,” Bustos said.

The yellow DT is not wrong. The match was pulsating with the host’s intentions, he stepped on the accelerator and was almost surprised on one occasion played by goalkeeper Moises Ramores in the opening minutes, while the Canary players said the ball had crossed the goal line.

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The Independent’s reaction was not immediate, but it ended up being a great wait at the table as it surprised a deflected local defense in the 24th minute and was defined by a cross shot to 0-1 by Paraguayan Montenegro.

The final length of the first half (41 min) set alarms on the goal monument of Argentina Artis as the black-and-blue team now leads the yellow by two points and ended the defeat of the current Lycapro king.

After the break, Barcelona were relieved of a penalty kick by SC Kittu Diaz (59 min) and three changes made by Pustos were agreed upon: Nixon Molina, newcomers Michael Hoyos and Gonzalo Mastriani, Sergio Lopez, Lionel Guinness and Carlos.

The variations were successful and the Guayaquil team gained prominence and initiative in their own field.

In the absence of veteran Christian Bellerano, who was traded by Jacob Murillo in the 74th minute, Barcelona SC opted for a fast counter-attack on the right, controlled by remote by fast Byrne Castillo. It became a winger and sent a perfect serve to Martinez, who combined with power and precision with his head to dictate the balance in the 72nd minute.It was 2-2 at the memorial. (D)