July 5, 2022

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Barcelona SC did not sharpen their target, missed a penalty, and drew 0-0 with USA Minerva in Brazil for the 3rd leg of the Copa Libertadores | Football | Sports

Barcelona Sporting Club drew 0-0 when they traveled to the United States Minerva in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday night, and will define their place in the group stage of next week’s Copa Libertadores 2022 in Guayaquil.

The Canaries slipped to victory after their teammate Fabian Pustos left for Santos FC on the Golden Bench at Libertadores at the Arena Independence Stadium during Argentina’s Jorge Celico’s opening game.

In the 90 + 1 minute, striker Carlos Corse wasted a penalty after a mistake by Brazilian goalkeeper Jailson midfielder Michael Carcel.

On several occasions, the 40-year-old goalkeeper has kept his face high for America Minerva, who made his international debut for the second leg of the third leg next Tuesday in Guayaquil.

The ‘rabbits’ of the 100-year-old Marquinhos Santos, a team from the state of Minas Gerais, did not feel unconscious against the people of Guayaquil, the semi-finalists of the last trophy, and lost four in Brazil. Injury including midfielders Eric Castillo and Damien Diaz.

Castillo or Diaz, without two types of attacks, the Ecuadorians had a hard time in the first few minutes, although they had clear chances of beating Jailson.

Winger Jonathan Berlasa (28) passed from left to right near the post, while Uruguay’s Gonzalo Mastriani (34) then demanded the Palmeiras exporter with a hard shot in the top left corner.

The Brazilians responded with a low shot from Wellington Ballista (38), with Juninho’s pass neutralized by captain goalkeeper Javier Burroughs.

From there, and despite the fact that both technicians cut salaries, the attacks are obvious in their absence.

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Despite the excellent chances of scoring, Barcelona, ​​who had beaten Universitario de Peru in the previous round, were embarrassed against a happy team that was motivated to continue writing their brief trophy history.

Siligo warned before the match about the importance of using the speed and physical strength of his winger, but he did not count on his rivals stealing the ball from him and playing without premises.

Despite having the ball, the ‘Miniros’ struggled to cross the Ecuadorian defensive line and dangerously transfer their possessions, as opposed to what they did by scoring three goals against the Paraguayan Curan in the second half.

Because of their dominance, they sometimes ignored Rearcard and threatened that the visit would be in favor of Guayaquil, but Corsez scored a small penalty from Jailson’s right post.

The ‘rabbits’ almost won the last moments of the game. Lucas joined hands with Cal Puro, but Argentina risked his life to prevent the Brazilians from celebrating another heroic night as they were in Asuncion. (D)