December 7, 2022

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Barcelona continue to insist on leaving Umtiti

Barcelona /

Despite Messi’s departure and the Barcelona captains’ pay cuts, azulgrana team stagnated On other topics such as Output function, It did not move after Jr. Firbo left. One of the most worrying names Samuel Umtitti. AndThe team is clear that his position in it is over, however, the Frenchman continues to be confident in his abilities.

Maybe Bjanik O Umdithi Makes him so Complex To Parsa Kun registration Omen, So they are in a hurry to provide the services of both so as not to seek salary cuts of other organs.

But nonetheless, Umtithi stuck to his contract (It ends in 2023) He believes he is physically well enough to shine again in Barcelona. Defender is only willing to leave if he gets a good game and economic offer.

A month ago the group handed him a letter of release. The concessions made to the French did not convince himTherefore, as promised by Mundo Deportivo, The Catalan team is changing the possibilities for terminating their contract, As he did with Matthias Fernandez.

Termination of Umti’s contract is the last step of the pressure the club wants to burn, however, if the Catalans decide to take it seriously, andThe defender has everything in his favor to win the courtTherefore, Barcelona must pay him the full salary for the remaining two seasons of his contract.

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