December 1, 2022

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Barbecue – The gang leader gave the ultimatum to the Prime Minister of Haiti

Jimmy Cerricier, the leader of Haiti’s main armed gang, tried on Wednesday to present himself as a good man who cared about the country and the poor, with a barbecue around his neck and a pistol in his band.

Barbecue expressed his displeasure that the media referred to his group G9 Fanmi e Alye as “gangs, gangs, bandits”.

His gang “is not a political party, never will be. It is an armed movement.

“We are not supporters of the PHTK (party founded by Michael Martelli), we are not young people. We are patriots. We are Haitians fighting for real change,” he concluded.

After reading a lengthy press release accusing the government and Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Capo toured the pathetic La Saline neighborhood with the media, where his gang transforms the state and Barbecue is the ultimate authority.

Barbeque promises that his fight will be with politicians and the 5% of the rich who will retain 95% of the country’s wealth against the “oligarchy”. He specifically pointed out minorities of Syrian and Lebanese descent who control large corporations and banks in the poorest country in the United States.

“A war against the system is a war against corrupt oligarchs,” Barbeque said, accusing the bourgeoisie of distributing weapons in working-class neighborhoods to “control the system.”

These weapons, he says, “today we decide to take them and use them against those who gave us to liberate the country.”

He attacked human rights organizations.

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Shoulder gun ride
While screaming in the sky, the barbecue was dedicated to fixing the bar of the hanging gun, while the little one bowed his head and continued his media march pointing to the disasters of the La Saline people until Kabo shook hands. , Until the sector reaches the market.

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In front of an altar
From there, the group returned to the starting point, where Barbecue posed in front of an altar with the typical shapes and colors of the Day of the Dead, where he renewed himself using cologne applied to the neck, head and face. Then throw it at his military beret.