May 20, 2022

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Authorities said several people were injured

(CNN) –– Many were shot dead at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York, where they were also found.Many devices without explodingr “Tuesday morning, the New York Fire Department said.

The department told CNN that at least 13 people were taken to area hospitals after the subway incident.

First, the company did not provide further details about the devices found. But when they responded to a smoke level call at the 36th Street and 4th Avenue subway station around 8:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, he said several people were found with gunshot wounds.

New York authorities respond to a shooting at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York. (Credit: Spencer Flat / Getty Images)

Upon arrival at the scene, the New York Police Department said there were “no active explosive devices” in connection with the injured people at the subway station. Authorities encouraged witnesses to share any information they had.

Several law enforcement sources told CNN that several people were injured in what appeared to be a shooting at the scene.

A senior security official said five people were shot dead during the initial investigation. A potential smoke device exploded at a Brooklyn subway station.

Reports of injuries in the Brooklyn subway shooting 1:14

According to initial reports, a male offender wearing a gas mask and an orange construction jacket fled the scene to an unknown location, New York police said.

A second source told CNN that five people had been shot and one was in critical condition following the incident at a Brooklyn subway station.

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New York shooting

Investigators said they did not know what kind of device exploded.

A third source suggests that a potential smoke detector may also have exploded.

New York shooting

Police and emergency services gather outside the subway station in Brooklyn on April 12, 2022, where the shooting was reported. (Credit: Spencer Flat / Getty Images)

The police department initially said it was investigating the incident and asked the public in a tweet to avoid the 36th Street and 4th Avenue area in Brooklyn.

“Expect emergency vehicles and delays in the vicinity,” the report added.

The Transport Authority, which operates the tunnel, said it was also investigating the incident.

“D / N / R trains stop in both directions in Brooklyn due to NYPD investigation on 36th Street,” they tweeted.

Schools in the area to be closed

A spokesman for the Department of Education explained that all schools in the nearby Brooklyn area have a “lock” order, meaning no one can leave campus and only students can enter.

A spokesman did not say how many schools are under the measure or how comprehensive they will be.