November 30, 2022

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Aubameyang-Barcelona deal and Mbappé best pay


Welcome to the last day of the transfer market

3:38 pm: Efferson Sodelto is the new Tigress player for the Liga MX’s Glasura 2022.

3:10 pm: In the absence of official confirmation, Everton have signed on for the தாக்கு 10 million தாக்கு 10 million English attack on Tally Alley from Tottenham.

2:44 pm: Officer: Alpha Dionkou, a new Barça B player. The winger comes on loan with the option of buying from Granada.

2:26 pm: ஔBamayang has facilitated the surgery. The striker came with a letter of independence and adjusted his salary to suit Barசாa’s economic prospects so that he could register even if Temple’s exit was not closed.

2:15 pm Else strengthened his presence with the arrival of Argentina’s Ezekiel Ponce, who Spartak borrowed from Moscow until the end of the season.

1:46 pm: With the change of plans, the contract for Aubameyang will be closed with an optional year in addition to these six months remaining to complete the season. At the end of the training, when the transfer is over, Barசாa will have the option of holding him without paying the transfer fee.

1:05 pm: Everton have announced the arrival of Tony van de Peek on loan until the end of the season.

1:00 pm: Tottenham have loaned Argentina international midfielder Giovanni Lo Celso to Villarreal until the end of the season, with both clubs announcing their final market day on Monday.

12:11 pm: Inaki Pena’s loan has been officially handed over to Galatasaray by Bar பார்a until the end of the season.

11:51 am Lovande announced on Monday the arrival of Uruguayan defender Martin Casares for the rest of the season from the Italian Cagliari.

11:37 AM: Laporta, Aubameyang or Dembélé did not rule out leaving: “There will be options on all issues, work will be done and will work until the last minute,” he told Mundo Deportivo.

11:16 AM: Official. Bournemouth have signed Liverpool’s England defender Nathaniel Phillips, 24, on loan for a six – month contract until the end of the season.

11:05 AM: Tottenham also confirmed Dejan Kulosevsky’s contract.

11:03 AM: Juventus transfer Rodrigo Bentoncurre from Uruguay to English Tottenham (official).

10:57 AM: According to the ABC newspaper, the Ousmane Dembélé deal has been closed 99 percent by Chelsea. Another unexpected twist.

10:42 PM: In Barcelona, ​​they casually take it that Aubameyang will not be signing on to the Cule team, and they are looking for another option for the pioneer.

10:15 am In Chiringuito they release the “bomb”, PSG invited Barcelona to hear about Frenkie De Jong.

10:10 AM: Tangui Entombole returns to Lyon on loan, Tottenham sent back the player who paid 60 million euros.

9:15 p.m. According to El Chiringuito, PSG has already signed with Dembélé for the next market. The Frenchman turned down FC Barcelona’s renewal offer for 14 million a season.

8:56 p.m. Negotiations between Fabio Carvalho between Liverpool and Fulham will enter the final stages. The Reds have offered a மில்லியன் 7 million offer, but tariff terms, fees and more are under discussion. Fulham will have to borrow Fabio Carvalho until the end of the season.

8:45 a.m .: Extending Robert Lewandowski’s contract is Bayern’s top priority. Agent Bini Jahavi is waiting for a call from the club.

8:29 p.m. This is official! Julian Alvarez is a Manchester City player! The English club said the signing would take five and a half years and that the striker would be in debt on the river until July.

8:21 AM: Zakaria is heading for recognition with Juventus. La Vecchia Signora adds one of the most desirable midfielders in Europe.

8:10 AM: Simon is in talks with Cadiz Torino for Zaza. The player does not want to go out of debt, he wants the transfer. The Spanish club is still trying to find formulas, but now everything is blocked.

8:07 AM: Adama Troy and Ileix Moriba have already been booked into La Liga and could make their debuts the next day of the Spanish tournament.

8:00 p.m. Gaddafi has officially announced that his loan with JJ Macias is over and that he will return to Mexican striker Sivas.

7:53 p.m. According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Alvaro Morata will not move from Juventus in Turin to this exchange market.

7:40 am: Frank Lampard has been named Everton’s new manager. The corporation has confirmed this news.

7:38 AM: Many thought he would not get another chance in football as the Euro Cup match between Denmark and Finland was nearing death, but Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen returned to the top when he signed into the Premier League side Brentford League on Monday.

7:35 am: Avupamayang is in Barcelona! Will Caponis Croke come to Spain and arrange his arrival on the Cule team? The fans are already crazy!

7:30 AM: Bildt points out that there is a closed agreement between Real Madrid and Mbabane. 50 million total salary and official announcement after the Champions League match.