September 30, 2022

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Atletico National: Allianzo Petrolera Report 1-1 against Win 1-3 Liga Bedplay 2021 | Colombian Soccer | Bedplay League

Atlantico National beat Allianzo Petrolera 1-3 on the eighth in League II-2021. Purslane celebrated the arrival of Dorlan Baban, a new winner in the official competition this semester, and all the official competitions of this second part of the seventh and ninth year in a row, equaling the institutional score of 2013.

Antiochius’ goals were dismissed by local Andres Morales, Jason Guzman, Argentina Emmanuel Oliveira and Torlan Babon.

In the first minutes Allianza Petrolera, with a team that came out fearless to attack the Nazis and by Bayern Corsez and Andres Morales, were close to opening the scoring. The ‘Aurinegro’ team went very fast and surprised the Purslane, they came together as a team and found it very difficult to play in great detail.

In the 13th minute, National reacted and with the recovery of the opposing field, joint play and the completion of Jason Guzman, the former Envicado finished with difficulty and the ball went to the goal defended by Jose Luis Sunga.

Both teams pressed and the game turned back and forth, using the centers from the national side to reach the opposite goal, while Allianzo Petrolara used the game with bonds and filtered passes to its predecessor Pablo Bueno.

In the 43rd minute and after Kaisen Perea was rescued from the left field, captain Jefferson Duke, along with Alex Castro, who crossed the area, highlighted the ball and found Jarson Candelo, who was defined to put clearly in front with his right foot. Of the Antigua team on the scoreboard.

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After the goal, Allianza Petrolera went in search of balance and almost did it, saving the solution with a solution after Pablo Bueno’s shot, if not Alder Quintana, sending the ball to the corner kick. At the end of the first half the area was a success.

In the filling position, Allianza came out without complexes in search of a draw and after much persuasion, in the 7th minute he got the draw through left goalkeeper Alder Quintana with a powerful shot from mid-range. The oil attack was triggered by a petrol leak from Byron Corse and Pablo Bueno’s Boss.

Alex Castro was replaced by Dorlan Baban in the 15th minute. Nine years later, the Antigua striker returned to Colombian football. However, Petrolera was full of confidence and in the 17th minute, Jorman Hertado demanded goalkeeper Quintana. In the 20 minutes on average, Allianzo Petrolera made two changes to the Nation, Andres Morales and Glider Alsade, Luis Anglo and Joan Perez entered, for Purslane, Jonathan Alves and Nelson Palacio into Jefferson Duke and Brian Rover. At 25, Dorlan Baban finished second after a superb individual game, but the ball was deflected by the right post.

The Nationals did not shrink and in the 28th minute, Emmanuel Oliveira took the lead on the scoreboard, scoring with Argentina header after a cross from Alves’ left field, his first goal in the football Colombian.

The visit continued with greater vigor to widen the gap on the scoreboard to the detriment of local people who were already powerless to withstand Antiochio’s pressure. Darlon Baban as a pitcher and Alves as a finisher, featuring Jose Luis Sunga.

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There was still time for a goal, which came from ‘prodigal son’ Dorlan Baban, who finished the game 1-3 with a free kick. After nine years in international football, he was hanged

The free kick under the bar increases, showing why he is strengthening the Antigovia team.

The next day, Allianza Petrolera visits Santa Fe in Bogot and receives La Ecuador at the Atladico National Athanasio.

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