December 10, 2022

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Atletico de Madrid deny Joa Felix to Barcelona; ‘Untouchable’

Madrid Spain /

The FC Barcelona Keep searching Update your template Facing Season 2021-22 Spanish La Liga, That’s why they are looking for one Exchange Players, get where they are Joao Felix of Atletico de Madrid But now it is forgotten.

The Atletico de Madrid Know about Possible It is Joa Felix, Which is why this time it will be Considered What ‘Untouchable‘, So Takes him from Barcelona And from any team interested in it.

How was the Joao Felix pass for Barcelona?

According to recent Spanish media reports, The Barcelona Trying Give way to Antoine Griezmann, Something known for a few days, in exchange for him They were looking a Two Atletico de Madrid players: Saul and Joao Felix.

In the first case Barcelona only heard about Saul, They wanted a midfielder because he would play all over the field, but before that Competitive load They have the season, They played like Joao Felix.

The ‘Marga’ newspaper has revealed this from today Atletico de Madrid did not intend to liberate the Portuguese, Because even though he is not his best year, he is a key player in the projects Solo Simeon.

In Campaign 2020-21 Joao Can cause total conflict 40 meetings, Where He scored only 10 goals and was able to give 6 assists; Major clubs in Europe have tried, but what is their true status Atletico de Madrid.

Greissman, In appearance, Atletico de Madrid return After leaving in 2019 Only Sal will be available instead of Barcelona, A few million in this transaction.

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