August 16, 2022

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Atlas Goals and Summary (3) 2-2 (4) SuperCopa MX 2022 at Cruz Azul | 06/26/2022

22:54 An hour ago

Summary and Goals

22:26 An hour ago


Cruise Azul won the SuperCopa MX and defeated Atlas before the start of Apertura 2022.

22:25 2 hours ago


He missed her! Julian Quinones flew the ball and Cruz gave Azul the win.

22:24 2 hours ago


Cruise Azul Goal! Giménez shot the ball low and put the Sky-Blue team ahead.

22:23 2 hours ago


Goal, Goal by Atlas! Trejo passes the ball to the opposite side, from which Jurado launches and scores twice for the champion.

22:22 2 hours ago


Cruise Azul Goal! Excellent set by Rodriguez who sent the shot down with determination.

22:22 2 hours ago


Goal, Goal by Atlas! Atlas’ best goal was sent to Aldo Rocha Panenga, who was beaten earlier by Jurato and the ball went into the goal.

22:20 2 hours ago


Cruise Azul Goal! Christian Tabo sent his shot, and Vargas failed to save the ball

22:19 2 hours ago


He missed her! Edison Flores’ ball bounces off the crossbar and the shootout is equalized.

22:19 2 hours ago


He missed her! Juan Escobar sent his shot to the post and missed the second maximum penalty.

22:18 2 hours ago


Goal, Goal by Atlas! Reyes sends a deadly cannon shot, Jurato reaches the ball, but the key to the shot is high.

22:17 2 hours ago


Cruise Azul Goal! Angel Romero scored the first goal of the series.

22:10 2 hours ago

97 ‘

The match ends, and everything is defined from the penalty spot.

22:09 2 hours ago

96 ‘

Majorca cut off the Quinones’ progress in a timely manner and prevented the striker from continuing.

22:04 2 hours ago

90 ‘

Goal, Goal, Goal by Atlas! After a shot from Vargas, the ball stays in that area and the Quinones send the ball down and level the match.

22:03 2 hours ago

89 ‘

After controlling the ball, the Quinones send a cross, but the defense clears the line from that area.

21:59 2 hours ago

85 ‘

Defensive header to prevent the Quinones from scoring.

21:51 2 hours ago

78 ‘

Change of Atlas. Aguilera leaves for Trejo.

21:49 2 hours ago

76 ‘

Quinones entered the area and failed to hit him before the security guards took the ball away from him.

21:42 2 hours ago

68 ‘

Santamaria’s good intervention prevents Kimines from firing at the target

21:39 2 hours ago

66 ‘

Saldivar’s long center, but no one could reach the ball.

21:37 2 hours ago

63 ‘

Cruise Azul’s goal, goal, goal! Escobar’s center, where Romero meets, puts the Sky-Blue team ahead with a deadly title.

21:34 2 hours ago

61 ‘

Change of Atlas. Diego Barbosa leaves after being injured by Edison Flores

21:25 3 hours ago

52 ‘

Rice’s shot, but celestial defense comes in the way.

21:23 3 hours ago

46 ‘

Blue Cross Modification. Carlos Rodriguez enters for Ignacio Rivero.

21:21 3 hours ago

Four. Five ‘

The match is restarted and the ball rolls for filling.

21:00 3 hours ago

45 + 5 ‘

Part time in Los Angeles. Atlas and Cruz Azul equalized after finishing the first part.

20:57 3 hours ago

45 + 2 ‘

Cruise Azul’s goal, goal, goal! Giménez sent for the goal with a deadly head, and Vargas could do nothing to avoid the tie.

20:54 3 hours ago

Four. Five ‘

Canon makes a shot in search of Vargas’ goal, but the ball disappears at the finish line

20:50 3 hours ago

40 ‘

Goal, Goal, Goal by Atlas! Aguilera’s free kick cannon shot, which sends the ball into Jurato’s nets.

20:44 3 hours ago

35 ‘

Modification of Cruise Azul due to injury. Enter Rafael Paca for Uriel Antunna

20:38 3 hours ago

26 ‘

The tour, both teams are looking for a competitive goal without creating risk.

20:29 3 hours ago

18 ‘

Atlas tries to create danger, but the careful Escobar avoids the arrival of Marquez

20:21 4 hours ago

9 ‘

Very busy competition in midfield, little football and many mistakes in the first few minutes.

20:08 4 hours ago

0 ‘

Roll the ball at Dignity Health Sports Park.

19:51 4 hours ago

Almost there!

The match will start soon in search of the champion and the fans are all eagerly waiting for the match.

19:42 4 hours ago

They can play!

Idekel Domínguez and Edison Flores can both be active in the meeting with Atlas tonight.

19:28 4 hours ago

XI Blue Cross

S. Jury; A. Mayorga, J. Dominguez, L. Abram, J. Escobar; E. Lira, A. Romero, c. Tabo, i. Rivero; U.S. Antuna, s. Kimines.

19:20 5 hours ago

To the court

Both teams are on the field to warm up and play before the match starts.

19:15 5 hours ago


19:10 5 hours ago

Will there be many more wins?

19:05 5 hours ago

Watch this player

Julian Quinones is the most dangerous player in the Atlas, with Cruz focusing more on the Azul striker and preventing him from approaching the goal guarded by the Corona.

19:00 5 hours ago

Watch this player

Eric Lira is the player in charge of distributing the ball in the midfield and creating danger for the Sky-Blue team, the midfielder will try to reach the Atlas goal and create a lot of risk.

18:55 5 hours ago

Clothing room ready

The jerseys of both teams are ready to be worn for this important match, which will define the SuperCopa MX champion.

18:50 5 hours ago

Data to go

There are many red and black players nominated for the Golden Ball award, which will be awarded at the end of the tournament, so they are very motivated.

18:45 5 hours ago

Everything is ready!

Fans have already begun flocking to the Los Angeles building to watch the match, which marks the start of next season starting next weekend.

18:40 5 hours ago

We’re back!

We are back to bring you minute by minute of the meeting between Atlas and Cruz Azul. Soon we will share the most relevant information and confirmed queues.

18:35 5 hours ago

Do not leave here to follow Atlas vs Cruz Azul live

In a few minutes we will share the starting lines for the Atlas vs Cruise Azul Live and the latest information coming from Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match minute by minute. Live online from VAVEL.

18:30 5 hours ago

How and How to View Atlas Versus Cruise online and live

18:25 6 hours ago

Atlas vs Cruise Azul Duel is associated with the Supercopa MX at which time?

18:20 6 hours ago

Blue Cross Reports

Diego AguirrePrior to the meeting, Cruise Azul’s coach said: “It’s a great honor to be part of such a great company. We are ready to play our best and win. ”

“First I want to congratulate Diego Coca. It’s hard to win a championship. He’s done it twice.”

“Tomorrow was a challenge My Dear, I was talking about adaptation. We worked a lot and could not trust the whole team.”

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“I don’t know much more about Mexican football. It’s a good test, facing the champion, it’s an important game, trying to win the trophy, and giving the fans joy, we’m going to try.”

“For me, I’m new to the club, of course I need more training, more to be with players, more games, and I understand more and more what Mexican football is, which does not mean we will be there tomorrow. Play the final there, what it is, what we do not have No, but in what we have “.

“It’s a bit unusual to start a job with a final, it has to be the end, but this situation develops, we’re going to play to win. It’s not the time to talk about excuses, it’s to start an important cycle. However, I hope we can achieve that. “

“It would be great to start a cycle with a win, and if the players give their best, we know the players and the team.”

“The pressure, as always, will be even greater if you have a great team and it’s a final game.”

“I can imagine how the team is, but the situation, but to get a clear answer, when it’s over, we’re very interested, developing attitude and good connections.”

“It’s logical that some of us have uncertainty. I think it’s good. I’ll have to watch it while playing.”

“We try to be as responsible as possible in hiring a player and we are responsible for what we do.”

“We’re late. We’ll get some news in the next few days.”

“Santi Giménez is a player with many conditions, he has expressed a desire to go out and win, it is up to him to move forward and help him improve, that is my role, he has to take his place and be important.”

“There is always, it’s like if you’re on a big team, and it’s even more so if it’s a final match. But I want to see it during the game

18:15 6 hours ago

How come Cruz Azul?

18:10 6 hours ago

How does the Atlas come about?

18:05 6 hours ago

The game will be played at Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium.

18:00 6 hours ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Atlas vs Cruz Azul match associated with the 2022 Liga MX Super Cup. The match will take place at 7:30 pm at Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium.