December 1, 2022

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Atlas gives first blow: ‘Rojinegros’ beat Poomas 1-0 with a goal from Forsyth | Game-total

Here comes the minute-by-minute broadcast of the match between Poomas and Atlas for the first leg of the Liguilla 2021 semi-final. Friends of El Comorcio, thank you so much for joining us!

00:02 | Full time!

This Tuesday, December 2, at the Olympic University Grounds, Likuilla lost to Atlas 1-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals of 2021.

Alvarez finished the goal all alone within that area and Vargas manages to keep the ball.

90 & # 39; The referee plays another 7 minutes.

Dinenno was only going to finish the goal, however, Santamaria sent the ball into the corner kick.

83 & # 39; Santamaria’s deficit against Lira and a free kick to Poomas.

80 & # 39;

76 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Poomas.

71 & # 39; Diego Barboza hit the target, but Vargas managed the ball.

67 & # 39; Corner kick in favor of Poomas.

66 & # 39; Alvarez’s shot, however, was misplaced.

61 ‘Throw-in to Poomas.

58 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Poomas.

57 ‘Santamaria’s foul and Peruvian yellow card against Korozo.

54 & # 39; Torres hits the ball with his right hand and the ball goes astray.

52 & # 39; He takes the opportunity to score from Santamaria Dineno and comes out playing with the ball at his feet.

49 & # 39; Yellow card for Dinenno and Anglo.

48 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Poomas.

The second time has begun!

The end of the first time!

The referee confirms that there is no 45 + 5 ‘penalty.

45 + 4 ‘The referee goes to the VAR to verify that it is a penalty.

Penalty in favor of 45 + 2 ‘Atlas.

45 & # 39; The referee plays another 3 minutes.

42 & # 39;

38 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Atlas.

Goal kick in favor of 35 ‘Atlas.

34 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Poomas.

28 & # 39; Moso scores from outside the box, but the goalkeeper controls the ball without any problems.

26 & # 39; Corner kick in favor of Poomas.

23 & # 39;

20 & # 39; Corner kick in favor of Poomas.

18 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Atlas.

15 & # 39; in favor of Poomas.

13 & # 39; Dinenno scored from outside the box, however, the ball goes wrong.

8 & # 39; Free kick in favor of Atlas.

5 & ​​# 39; Ferch hit the target and the ball was wrong.

Goal kick to 2 ‘Atlas.

22:01 | The game has started!

Poomas UNAM and Atlas are already in the first phase of the semifinals of Liguilla 2021.

Boomas UNAM warm-up.

This is Atlas’ visit to the University Olympic Stadium.

With these shirts, Poomas and Atlas face each other.

Official Atlas Order!

This is how Boomas UNAM’s dressing room looks like.

Official Boomas Order!

This is Poomas’ last training session before facing Atlas.

20:29 | Vs. Cookers. Atlas: The Last Conflicts

Boomas 0-0 Atlas | 2021 | MX League
Boomas 0-0 Atlas | 2021 | MX League
Atlas 1-2 Cookers | 2020 | MX League
Boomas 5-1 Atlas | 2019 | MX League
Atlas 1-2 Cookers | 2019 | MX file
Boomas 2-2 Atlas | 2019 | MX League
Boomas 0-1 Atlas | 2019 | MX file
Atlas 0-3 Cookers | 2018 | MX League
Boomas 3-1 Atlas | 2018 | MX League
Atlas 2-1 Poomas | 2018 | MX League

19:46 | Vs. Cookers. Atlas: Match times

If you are in the territory of central Mexico you can watch the match between Poomas and Atlas from 9:00 pm. On the other hand, the game starts at 7:00 pm in the Pacific and 10:00 pm in the East. In Peru, you can watch this game from 10:00 pm

19:46 | When Poomas Vs. Atlas offered by Liga MX?

The match between Poomas and Atlas for the first leg semifinal of the MX League will take place this Thursday, December 2, 2021. The competition will be held at the Olympic University Grounds. Keep in mind that the Atlas team is in favor of being better positioned on the regular stage of the Liga MX.

“The team is focused, it’s growing, it has no roof, it’s constantly looking, mentally it’s very strong, we’re fine, things are clear in the dressing room, everyone knows what they want, what we need and what. Everyone is the first thing team.” Said the coach of the red and black team in the preview.

Led by Argentina’s Diego Coca and Peruvian Anderson Santamaria, Atlas was the most exciting team of the tournament. The ‘foxes’, who have returned to the semifinals after a 17-year wait, will try to reach the final in search of the title they won only once in 1951, 70 years ago.

“My dream in all sports is to have a little dance for my teammates, TV fans and family members. Hopefully (dance the atlas), we’ve going to play after the game to get the results and get to the finals,” said the former Sporting Crystal player.
“Andres Lillini is a great coach, we’ve been with him for a year and a half and we have already reached the semifinals (current tournament) and the finals (in Card 1 ons 2020),” said Alan Moso. Poomas.

In the playoffs, university students tossed Tolu and the leader crossed the United States, closing the tie on someone else’s court.

On the university team, Washington Coroso of Ecuador stands alone, having reached this final stage under the technical guidance of Argentina Andres Lilini, who lifted the team from last place in the classification on the fifth day into the playoffs. Thanks to four wins and a draw in the final of the regular season.

Poomas, who want to return to the Mexican Championship final, will continue their path in Aberdera. Atlas will now be in front of him, promising he finished second at the regular stage and will be a tough competitor.

Poomas and Atlas will meet at the University Olympic Stadium for the best first leg semifinals of the MX League. The team coming from the capital clashes with the Guadalajara team in a lively battle with an advance, however it is the local team that comes with the best motivation after removing the best candidate USA.

Friends of El Comorcio, welcome to the minute by minute match between Poomas and Atlas for the first leg semifinal of Likuilla 2021! Here is the latest news on this important commitment.