December 1, 2022

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Athlete survived the second round; Real Madrid first

Mattress Team advanced to second place in Division B, while Merengu Team finished first in Division D.

Madrid – The Atletico Madrid Survived To Drago, Achieved a qualifying victory and benefited from Milan’s defeat against Liverpool. Champions League There he goes with him Real Madrid, Who agrees to be the team champion.

The sequel to Diego Pablo Simeone’s team is one of the few things pending. Along with Porto and Milan was the auction for the same place. In addition, the status of the deadline must be determined Real Madrid And order third place between Inter or Leipzig and Club Brugge. Nothing else. Ajax and Liverpool retained their full success. Six out of six.

Approximate limit Atletico stretches its neck and expands Spanish representation in qualifying rounds. As usual, one of the best versions of Simeon’s team took Porto. A direct, tense fight, which ended in two dismissals and an undeniable victory Atletico Madrid, Who took advantage of Liverpool’s natural position to win in Milan. Without excuse.

Stood face to face To Drago Almost an hour. Until Antoine Griezmann puts it Atletico Madrid. The shock was agitated, reddened. Janick Carrasco was sent off and then Wendell was sent off Port With ten. The match was killed by the Spanish representative with goals from Angel Korea and Rodrigo de Paul. In addition, Sergio Oliveira, with a penalty, made up for Portugal’s defeat to the Europa League.

He did his thing Liverpool Going to eighth place with a flawless course. Despite the rotations of the Jrgen Globe, the Reds did not fail at the Giuseppe Mesa. Milan took the lead with a goal from Figo Domori, but Mohamed Salah and Djokovic changed the situation and were sent off for a goalless draw outside Europe.

Real Madrid continues to do its thing. Another win for Carlo Ancelotti’s team, putting his team first in the group and Inter second (2-0).

The white team survived the first part of the Italian team, which was better even though the scoreboard was in favor of the locals as it was a long way from Tony Cruz.

Simon Inzaki’s team options were rejected after Nicolo Barella was sent off during the game. Marco Asensio rotated White’s victory with a superb goal.

Meanwhile, the sheriff, who is heading to the Europa League, made a draw in Kiev against Shakhtar (1-1) as he used Fernando’s goal to neutralize Nikolov in extra time.

Nothing in danger, and with City of Manchester, Firstly, and Paris Saint-Germain Second, Leipzig finished third in Group A to play in the Europa League, with the introduction of their new coach, Achim Payroll.

Germany’s second defeat of Pep Cardiola (2-1). Goals from Hungarian Dominique Szaiphosloi and Portuguese Andre Silva rewarded the local drive and Riyadh lost Mahrez and Kyle Walker in the final minutes as the English relaxed.

Leipzig leave Brooke after losing to Parc des Princes (4-1). Mauricio Pochettino’s team used this practice to magnify the number of Kylian Mbabane and Leo Messi, each of whom signed a double contract.

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The French team accelerated from the start. Embappe too. Messi scored the third goal shortly before the break. After the break, Mates Ritz closed the gap for Belgium, but in the final quarter of an hour, Messi converted a penalty before him.

Ajax extended their full session with another win. They beat Sporting (4-2), finishing second to eighth. The pulse in the Johann Groof arena lasted until just before the break. Ivorian Sebastien Haller led the Dutch side with a penalty, but Nuno Santos equalized for 23 runs. But just before half-time Anthony’s goal returned to the Eric Den Hawk side as they circled their victory through David Nerez and Steven Perguis. Tabada, in the final, made up for the defeat to Portugal.

Borussia Dortmund head to the Europa League, where they beat Besiktas in an inappropriate clash that complimented Erling Holland’s scoring feeling with a double in half an hour.

The Norwegian star was a substitute against a rival who would leave Europe without any points. He played with ten in the second half to get Wellington out. Donald Malone led Germany to victory. Two goals from Marco Reyes and another two goals from Holland knocked Dortmund out of the Champions League on a large scale.