December 1, 2022

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Astros revive with the same formula against the Red Sox in the Championship Series: Altow-Korea

BOSTON – Carlos Korea were in a similar position in the pre-match series when they were called homeless and warned before the game that they were able to get up.

The Houston Astros seemed to beat the Boston Red Sox 9-2 in the 4th game of the American League Championship series this Tuesday, before 38,010 fans filled Fenway Park for the second night in a row.

The formula was the same as the first win of the Astros series, a home run match by Jose Altuve and Korea set the record, though not a home run this time; For Houston he scored a game-breaking double, where the series returns Friday.

Although the scoreboard reads like a beat, it didn’t make much of a difference in what happened in the game, so Korea’s life itself was a big difference. .

Astros’ point guard, who reached post-season as usual, generally responded: Alex Breckman got home in the first inning; Altweigh equalized in the eighth and double socks in ninth place, with pitch hitter Jason Castro pushing through the gap before the Red Sox dropped top pitchers Nathan Evalti and Martin Perez.

“This is one of the best things about baseball, when you seem to be dead in the water and things don’t go right, then Boom Boom Boom and you get seven runs,” said Astros manager Dusty Baker. “We can do in the race what they do to us.”

Before the rally, Korea seemed to be anchored in second place because Evalti started with two strikes, another seemed identical, but the referee called Los Thias the ball. Production was a success after a pitch.

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“Yeah, a lot of people thought it was a strike,” Cora said. “It was a good game until the end. We were a pitch away to finish the inning and it didn’t happen. Then they got seven points.

Jack Greenke did his part, though statistically it looks different. He started the first and third innings; With Boston’s only two runs in the game, he initially made a mistake with Sander Bogart’s Homer, but eventually did what he was asked to do, keeping the game close and competitive before relief came.

Manager Dusty Baker also dismissed Greenkey as a bully game starter, although his pitches were calculated in advance, but they were 55.

As part of the five pitchers that followed Greenkey, Christian Xavier and Kendall Graveman released 3 and 2 innings, respectively, which was crucial to the Red Sox’s success by blocking offense. Only five wins this Tuesday.

“Our relief today was incredible,” Alduway said. They gave us a chance to win until the end.

Despite all the obstacles to starting the pitch, the Astros tied the series and ensured it returned home, before continuing with the final game at Fenway Park on Wednesday, where they were hostile, perhaps a little more than usual. With visiting groups in such difficult habits.

“It’s about focusing here and moving forward,” Graveman said. “I told the bulls, this team is going to go as far as picking us up, I believe it. I trust the guys there. When you constantly challenge the zone and throw strikes, good things happen.”

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