December 7, 2022

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As international pressure mounts, Cuba begins to distribute aid to alleviate the shortage International

This is one of the key factors in the unprecedented struggles that have rocked Cuba, with international pressure to cover up the Havana government, or unity and humanitarian aid to alleviate the minimal shortage caused by the population, and the unrest of large civilians. And July 12. What happened in Cuba is clearly beyond its borders, and the dilemma being discussed in the international community today is – a combination of pressure, aid or both. The culmination of protests against the repression of protesters with sanctions against the high command of the military and police in Washington has put Havana in besieged plaza mode and the country has multiplied the official arguments of one object. America is behind the big media campaign and everything that happened.

Struggles in Cuba

At the same time, the government, which is reluctant to accept humanitarian aid as a weak – or interference – applaud the politicization of donors – has now opened the door to international unity and they have begun to distribute it immediately. Food obtained.

For a week, almost every day a ship or plane was loaded with humanitarian assistance. The Mexican government has already sent 100,000 barrels of various supplies, including medical supplies, food, medicine and fuel to Cuban hospitals’ power stations. The Bolivian Air Force plane landed on Friday with 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid, including 2.5 tonnes of disposable needles, 16.5 tonnes of food and one tonne of life-saving supplies. Russia, Vietnam, Venezuela and other “friendly” countries have sent emergency supplies and will arrive in a few days, the official newspaper said.

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Home Trade Minister Betsy Diaz appeared on television to explain that aid would be distributed free of charge through the provinces to all households (3,800,000 in the country), basically it is “blocks” containing rice, cereals, pasta and sugar. After the struggles that shocked Cuba, the official interest in making gestures and, at the very least, the hardships of turning the daily life of Cubans into a test were visible.

While accepting humanitarian aid and its emergency delivery may not be adequate, part of this line is the latest decision or approval to waive the cost of food and medicine that travelers bring in their suitcases until next year, tax-free, so-called “garage sales” for anyone with their own useful or new Authorization to import solar panels, which can be made at home to market products or without commercial purposes, has been banned until now. It was also announced this week that the long-awaited law enabling the start-up of small and medium enterprises may be known.

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The 11J protests were a shock and there are undoubtedly movements, but some economists point out that it is wrong for the government to allow for small measures to help it breathe or calm the water for a while, but not to face serious economic problems as it crosses the country and is at the bottom of discontent. International pressure these days only serves Castling to make statements condemning the police repression of Cuban protesters and to demand that the government listen to the voices of those who come to express opposition.

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EU High Representative’s latest denial statement For foreign policy, Joseph Borel, during the July 11 protests on the island, sparked an immediate response from Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez for his call for government action and the release of peaceful protesters. “I vehemently reject the declaration of the EU High Representative in which he did not dare to name the genocidal US siege that violates European sovereignty and imposes its laws and courts. “These arbitrary actions add to the misinformation and aggression of the inhumane siege against Cuba.”

Friday’s meeting between US President Joe Biden and representatives of the Cuban-American community in the United States, including the song’s author, Cuban rapper Yottuval Romero. Homeland and lifeIt became one of the slogans of the protesters, explaining the extent to which the events of July contributed to the polarization of the situation and the creation of a solution that included further tightening of Washington’s sanctions, which is desirable even for one of the most important within the island.

“President Biden’s meeting with Cuba’s mercenaries is a farce that justifies regime change in Cuba. The U.S. government is only interested in Florida’s election machinery,” the Cuban foreign minister said on his Twitter account. As those thunders echo through the streets from above, as people continue their agony, the international debate over which is better, if there is pressure or oxygen, continues.