November 28, 2022

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Argentina national team | Lionel Messi will not be called up for Argentina against Chile: How will his absence harm the Peruvian team? | Qatar 2022 Qualification | NCZD DTCC | Game-total

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Lionel Messi He goes through an uncomfortable time of uncertainty. The first days of 2022 were not good for the Argentine star, who was not yet ready to return to court after he recently won the Covit-19. PSG. With his summonses too Argentina national team Called into question, which is relatively harmful Peruvian national team Ahead of the next double date of the Qatar 2022 qualifying rounds.

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Then Messi Returning to France a week ago after a negative test for COVID-19, his presence with PSG is not yet possible. In fact, the Argentine fast bowler is training apart from his other teammates, so he is not yet qualified to play games.

According to ESPN reporter Christian Martin, ‘Leo’ will be out of action against Priest for League 1 this weekend as he continues his rescue mission.. Another game lost adds to the PSG star’s negative list this season. But that’s not all. Inevitably the Argentine national team will suffer.

Could not count their star many times already in the current campaign –Messi He did not take part in league matches to play in the qualifying round-, the Parisian club wants the 34-year-old star to do without ‘Albiceleste’ on the double date of the qualifying rounds to be played between January and the last days. The first day of February.

According to Christian Martin, there is a good relationship between the AFA (Argentine Football Association) and the PSG Board; In that sense, considering that Argentina have already qualified for the World Cup, the two companies are negotiating – with the approval of ‘Blee’ – not to have their call on the next double date.

How will this affect the Peruvian team?

If not Lionel Messi In the next call of the Argentine national team announced these days, the Peruvian national team will indirectly be one of the victims of the main qualifying matches.

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Argentina must go from Chile to its opponent on January 27 and then reach Colombia on February 1. Both teams are direct rivals to Peru in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, so the absence of Messi in those matches of ‘Albiceleste’ would be unfavorable to ‘Blanc Viroza’.

Rosario is Argentina’s highest scorer and third highest scorer with six wins in the current qualifying rounds.. His presence on the pitch is absolutely essential. He wiped out most of the figures in the last Copa America where he was last crowned champion.

Leading star and captain of the Argentine national team Lionel Messi |  Photo: AFP
Leading star and captain of the Argentine national team Lionel Messi | Photo: AFP

Lionel Messi He scored the most goals in the Continental match with Colombian Luis Diaz (four goals), was the leading scorer in assists (5) and also created the most goal chances for his team (21). Undoubtedly, being ‘flee’ would be very effective, and his absence in the qualifying rounds would make it very difficult to fill the void.

Currently, the Peruvian team is in fifth place (repechage) in the South American qualifying round with 17 points, as is Colombia, who are fourth in goal difference. Similarly, ‘Plankviroza’ has only one point more than Chile (6th).

The team, led by Ricardo Carreca, will try to add maximum points in the remaining duels, but they also hope that their direct rivals will fall to get the most out of the table. In addition, in the most adverse situation, the most convenient thing is that other competitors fighting for classification also have negative results.

The absence of Messi will not greatly help the Peruvian team in this last goal. Although Argentina is a great team, it will lose a lot due to the loss of its captain. Similarly, anything can happen in this kind of competition and ‘Plankviroza’ should always focus on making things better. For now he is relying on himself, and that is the most important thing.

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