June 30, 2022

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Argentina coach Pedro Troclio returns to Olympia and will lead them from Aberdeen in 2022


Returned! Four-time Honduran football champion coach, Argentina Pedro Antonio TroclioCome back Olympia Six months later he finally said goodbye.

A glorious match was too much for him The old lion That after departure Pablo Lavallen He was called the historic coach of the four full tournaments he played. After several weeks of negotiations, Troclio accepted the call of dawn.

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“We are delighted to be back at the home of four-time Honduran Football champion Technical Corps at the club,” Albo said in a statement announcing the club’s return.

Ten It was revealed that the former DT signed the contract San Lorenzo De Almacro, who was four months old, is valid for one calendar year and will receive a lower salary than he received in his first phase from mid-2019 to December 2021.

Long-awaited returns

The thing that Born in Lozan did was so great that it made all the difference on the white team. When his comrade came to the dressing room in February Pablo Lavallen To change him, there is not a single click on the template and the fans.

Colடிn de Sante Fe’s DD Yar, who captured the rule of the armed Lyon before Troclio returned to his country’s Super League. However, in the semifinals of Clausura 2022 he lost power and walked out. Troclio Rinaldi Developed in two and a half years.

Returning his person to the Meringue team has always been the first option, but names like Native have sounded before. Solomon Nasser Y Ramon Primitivo MaradigaLike Mexican Carlos de los CoposAs backup options for the 56-year-old strategist’s “no.”

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A Troclio He did not perform well on the seventh team he managed in Argentina’s first division. With multiple champions Olympia He was always seen with good eyes from his home to see how glorious he was in caterpillar football, but fighting to stay out of the Albiceleste Superlica was one of the most challenging.

When the finalist of the 1990 World Cup in Italy celebrated his four-time championship in San Pedro Sula, the call for the fourth-highest winning company in Argentine football fell. Almagro I was expecting Troclio It reappeared for San Lorenzo, who had been fighting in the basement for years.

December 23, 2021 is a historic milestone for the Merengue fans, as they raised four titles in a row for the second time in their glorious history, but a week later, everything changed when they saw how their statue signed on the bench for the 15-time champion. Argentina.

The task was so hard, it was just that. January 4 Troclio He had already directed his first training session HurricaneBut the story did not end well. There were only 10 games he directed for the Salesian team.

With four defeats, the same number of draws and only one win to say goodbye to Pedro, he resigned after being knocked out of the trophy on April 13 by a third-class team, Racing de Cordoba. It will be the luxury Honduran football champion with his rival Hernான்n “La Tota” Medina, Mottagua.

Now things are different Troclio. It will always be in the eye of the hurricane, and the goals will be as high as an international championship that owes. Their local rivals are well-armed and well-established, while their team has suffered seven defeats and only one addition. But if there is anyone who has glorified the old lion, it is he who has finally lifted him up.

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The meringue company did not shake their pulse and decided to choose the most suitable fire extinguisher, proving that the motto “the devil who knows better than knowing” always applies.