December 7, 2022

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Are you going or staying? Mbappé talked about his future after winning the Ligue 1 title with PSG

Paris France.

Kylian Mbabane, the pioneer of Paris Saint-Germain, confirmed this Saturday. League 1 win with his team“Nothing has changed” about his future and “nothing more can be said” about it.

After drawing against the lens, Embappe went to the press. Two months before the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, he did not want to comment on changing the scenery to where Real Madrid could go.

“No, no, nothing has changed. I have nothing to say, ”he said briefly when asked about his professional future.

He also talked about what PSG celebrated on an almost empty field. In part, in the 75th minute a part of the stand went out in protest of their team’s season. And, on the other hand, the rest of the Paris fans left the stadium after the match.

“I’m not disappointed, they want to celebrate, they celebrate, they do not want to, they do not want to celebrate. The public was there, not because the minority left, they did not represent all the fans, but the minority. The ground was overflowing. I’m enjoying it, ” he said.

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