Arch Enemy Top Off Vancouver Evening Of Metal


Arch enemyWalking by the Commodore at 6:45 tonight (Feb. 5), the line up for ticket holders was already to Smithe St. and the doors didn’t open until 7pm. It was a very calm crowd with minimal chatting. It could have been any line up, but one can tell from looking at the crowd, it wasn’t just a regular old line up – this was a metal show from metal masters Arch Enemy. And this was probably the only calm I’d see for the rest of the night.

With openers Mutiny Within, Arsis and Exodus gearing up the crowds, it was like poking an active hive. This was truly a concert to see. With each band, the crowd’s angst built with the lust of metal. Exodus really stirred up the crowd as they screamed their way into the night. The sight from the balcony was wicked. With the barricade up, crushed people had to be pulled out, as others took their place. Wave after wave of bodies kept flowing to the stage. Bodysurfing with arms waving and movement of the crowds made this concert scream. Exodus even challenged the fans to make their way onto the stage. A difficult task that was achieved by one crazy fan who then danced with the band before jumping off the stage and surfing back into the crowd!

This was probably one of the best valued concerts to go to. Music was pumping out with each of the three opening acts all night long. At about 10:50 Arch Enemy started to get set up to play. Their roadie was awesome when doing the mic checks and even asked the crowd to throw some joints to the stage for the band.

All eyes were then stunned by the strobes as Daniel Erlandsson stood at his drums with a pumped fist in the air. As the cheers grew louder, Christopher and Michael Amott on guitars, and Sharlee D’Angelo on bass rip into the intro and take to the stage. Finally the moment comes when a supercharged Angela Gossow, took her spot front and center. Screaming on the stage and whipping her blond hair up and down while pumping her fists, Angela started off the set with The Immortal from their "Burning Japan Live" album.

The theme for the night was rebellious angst and Angela just kept adding fuel to the fire – stirring the crowd and watching the waves of energized Vancouver fans storm the stage. As she roused the crowd, a fire alarm signaled in the next song and one had to think it was either timing or destiny that the next song would be Revolution Begins from the 2007 EP of the same name. Throughout the night Arch Enemy played a variety of songs from their various albums and the onslaught of bodies continued.

This was an amazing concert and I’m sure everyone there had a ragin’ great time. Arch Enemy is currently on their Tyrants of Evil North American Tour 2010.

Arch Enemy

with Exodus, Arsis and Mutiny Within
Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC
February 5, 2010

By Richard Hargrove
Photos By David Lai

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