September 28, 2022

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April was the lowest deportation month in U.S. history Univision Immigration News

The Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) has not yet announced the lowest number of undocumented immigrants. Were deported to their respective countries. That new record was recorded in April, the beginning of the Joe Biden administration, which revolved around the immigration policy of his predecessor Donald Trump.

The ICE said he was deported in April 2,962 immigrants, a new all-time low, According to figures received by the newspaper Washington Post. Those figures have not yet been published on the agency’s page.

Deportations by immigration agents in April represent a 20% drop 3,716 deportations It happened last March, the same media quoted.

Since the beginning of the Biden government, the ICE has not released a single report detailing any immigration checks. In contrast, during Donald Trump’s administration there were plenty of such activities, and the company arrested any undocumented person during his actions.

Both ICE and Border Patrol have stopped using the word “illegal” to refer to undocumented people in their communications. They are now identified as “non-citizens”.

In the last financial year, still under Trump, ICE deports 185,884 92% of them have criminal record or pending criminal charges. The agency highlights the 4,276 people expelled as gang members and 31 suspected terrorists.

New rule

In late April, immigration officials announced the release of a new rule Courts of Justice Or in its vicinity, a practice that was often practiced during the Trump administration.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a statement that the new guidelines “regulate civil enforcement activities” in and around ICE and border patrols.

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Arrests in and around the courts are part of Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ immigration policy, which in 2018 ordered the forced separation of thousands of families seeking asylum in other activities, including a resource law.

A few days ago, President Biden Harris announced his intention to nominate the County Sheriff, Ed Gonzalez, Critic of immigration policies of the past administration, served as Director of ICE.

As one of the measures taken against this policy, Gonzalez withdrew his department from the voluntary federal program, which for many years helped deport and deport immigrants. He also expressed concern more than once that local police would be involved in deportation attempts.

“Separating families from our borders hurts children and is an insult to American values. Children should not be in immigration detention, period,” Gonzalez tweeted in 2018.

After the coyotes

The current focus of federal authorities is on criminal organizations dedicated to and initiating the abduction of immigrants. An operator Called ‘Sentinel’, its purpose is to detect and remove them.

Announcing the move, National Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Myorgas said they were not only seeking to arrest the guides in the desert, but also to attack the structure of their criminal cells. These include the cancellation of travel documents, the suspension of businesses and the actions they take on bank accounts and other financial assets linked to those groups.

“We want to disrupt all aspects of the logistics network that these companies use to their advantage,” Majorcos said in a statement.

Border patrols in February and March 273,339 immigrants were arrested On the border with Mexico, an increase of 70% over the previous year. Of these, 27,934 correspond to unsupported minors (UAC).

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The government has insisted that only the UAC cases be investigated and that the remainder, both family units and single adults, be immediately expelled under Article 42 of the US Code.

Most detainees have pointed out that they paid human traffickers in the hope of entering the United States, leaving poverty and finding employment, two of which were not found within the grounds for seeking asylum.