August 9, 2022

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Approval to deport former President Juan Orlando Hernandez

(CNN Spanish) – The full session of the Honduran Supreme Court confirmed the deportation of former President Juan Orlando Hernandez, a spokesman for the Judiciary, Melvin Duarte, told CNN.

In January, the United States asked Honduras to extradite Hernandez, who faces charges of drug trafficking. The former president, who has been detained at the National Directorate of Special Forces of the National Police since February 15, has on several occasions declared himself innocent of all charges. He insists he is not a drug trafficker and assures that he will help fight the crime with US agencies during his eight-year tenure.

According to the Judicial Spokesperson, the judgment rendered by the entire Supreme Court is irrelevant and whatever the decision is, it is final. Dwarte pointed out that once imposed by the High Court, the natural judge in charge of the case must abide by the judgment and provide the parties with relevant documents to comply with it.

Ana Garcia de Hernandez, wife of Orlando Hernandez, released earlier this Monday A letter on Twitter The former president of Honduras wrote “in his own handwriting” in which he reiterated his innocence. In the letter, the former president of Honduras said he was “a victim of revenge and conspiracy.”

In a public letter to the nation this Sunday, the former president said that according to his wife, “the cartels’ threat is a planned trap, so no government will confront them again.” Also: “I believe justice will be done and the right to help people and nations is respected.”

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