September 27, 2022

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Apple could launch a fitness-focused Apple Watch soon

Apple could launch a fitness-focused Apple Watch soon

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Imagine: Your friend’s Garmin biker friend’s Apple Watch is just as powerful as you’ve been yearning for all this time.
picture: Victoria Song / Gizmodo

Apple is likely to announce a “Professional” class of Apple Watch this fall. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, who publishes a Power On NewsletterApple is planning to release a high-end variant to help its wearables compete with the best fitness watches in the industry.

The Apple Watch “pro” could feature a larger shatter-resistant display, more accurate tracking for hiking and swimming, longer battery life, and a more durable chassis. Gurman suggests that the material used for his body could be titanium, which is already used in some training-focused smartwatches like models from Garmin.

This “Pro” version of the Apple Watch is expected to have a 2-inch screen, while it is already rumored Apple Watch Series 8 It’ll be 1.9 inches wide – the same size as the current Apple Watch series. Earlier the newsThis will give the watch about 7% more screen real estate than current models, Gorman said. The “Professional” Apple Watch will likely have a resolution of 410 pixels by 502 pixels, and the larger screen area can be dedicated to displaying more fitness data.

Garmin appears to be the main competition for this particular Apple Watch, which Gorman said is designed to “attract extreme athletes.” It may also appeal to people who want a slightly larger screen and something more powerful than what Apple currently offers. Gurman says that this version of the Apple Watch has the codename N199 inside the walls of Cupertino.

Fitness watches have different capabilities than regular app-powered smartwatches because they are equipped with more sensors to track body measurements. Rather than existing as an extension to a mobile device, the Fitness Watch is like Garmin ApexFor example, it offers more accurate GPS, real-time endurance tracking, longer water resistance, and a more outdoor-friendly display.

Gurman also hints that this could be the end of the Apple Watch, a more expensive version of the titanium Apple Watch. But as we mentioned, an Apple Watch Series 8 update is expected this fall, along with a new Apple Watch SE. The Series 8 will likely have updated 41mm and 45mm displays, a new chip, and Body temperature tracking featurewhile SE is expected to replace the . file Apple Watch Series 3 as an affordable model. It likely won’t have a body temperature sensor to keep the initial cost down.

The nickname “loyal” is the reason for the season. Last week, Samsung “Professional” model of its smartwatch leaked, indicating that the only Android smartwatch will offer direct competition to iPhone users. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also supposed to come in titanium, although we know very little about it except that it looks like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

We hope to learn more about Apple and Samsung smartwatches in the coming months.

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