December 10, 2022

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Anniversary: ​​Julio Iglesias is 78 years old and they are all his wives

Julio Iglesias This September 23rd marks its 78th year. A few months ago the Spanish singer made his fans anxious because news spread that he was in poor health. However, ‘I forgot to liveHe clarified that he was in good condition, but admitted that he was suffering from pain and had diseases similar to his age.

“My back hurts like always. Of course I have less strength than beforeOi is 78 years old You can’t even ask a great athlete to do sports at the age of 78 like he did at the age of 20, “he said, dismissing speculation about his health on his Instagram account.

The music maker will always be more energetic and he has used his international tours for many years, especially to beat some women who were inspired by his talent and heroism.

‘S father Enrique Iglesias She had many loves and affairs, but only a few women beat him and became his wife and mother of his nine children, and they stood alone for art gifts. They are the wives of Julio Iglesias:

Woman of her life: Isabel Presler

The Spanish composer announced that the woman of “his life” was his first wife Isabel BreislerWhom he married in 1971. The couple had three children: Maria Isabel, well known to everyone as “Chapel”, Julio Jose and Enrique Miguel. Enrique Iglesias.

Seven years after their marriage, the couple divorced amid intense rumors of infidelity. In fact, many years later the translator of “I am a rogue man, I am a man” discovered that Javier Sanchez-Santos had a child outside of marriage.

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Twice the age of Miranda Reijenberger, wife of Julio Iglesias

Second wife of former footballer Miranda Ridgesburg, The woman who takes 23 years. The couple met when the model was 25 and in 1990 Julio Iglesias was already 48 when they began a relationship that had been going on for more than 30 years.

Julio and Miranda have five children, three boys and two girls: Alejandro, Rodrigo, twins Victoria and Christina and Guillermo and They were married until 2010 on a farm in the Malacca city of Ojan. None of his other children: Cebeli, Julio Jr. or Enrique, attended the ceremony.